Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And they continue to poke the bear. WTF?

Ok, I get that you are pissed off about being a garbage man but don't fling my garbage cans in the middle of my driveway and screech your tires as you drive away. I was not the one who fucked around through high school and now has to clean up after everyone else.

Not sure if I mentioned this before. (just checked, and no I didn't)Big drama surrounding the new training.

There was this one chick in our training class, we will call her PowerWhore or PW for short. First a visual. Long hair to her ass. Caked on makeup, hooker boots and a mini skirt.

PW was the cheerleader of the group. Every time someone said anything negative, she flew up the trainers ass and massaged. "You are such a smart man!" "What can we do to make you feel good about us?" She went so far as to sing to the Extremely Huge Head from the home planet. A song she had learned in 'his' native tongue, Lebanese. Immediately following the song, she asked for a private moment in one of our conference rooms. You can fill in the blanks, use your imagination.

Fast forward to end of training. She is asked to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert). Forget the fact that she has no idea about the subject matter. Then when the second wave of training begins, she announces that "They" (whoever they are) have asked her to come in and 'monitor' the training. Gee, wonder how she got that gig?

Then the rumors begin. She will be 'given' the Associate Trainer position. Needless to say I fire off an email to the Big Giant Head. He says, "No one will be 'given' anything. The position will be posted and qualified person given the job" We'll see.

Next day, job is posted by HR. Start date 19th (but posted on the 22nd) and end date 23rd.


"You need to go talk to the Big Giant Head, or I will." She really doesn't want that, and neither does the Big Giant Head.

Needless to say they are extending it for a couple of days.

Moral of the story: If you want to get ahead in this world, make damn sure you can sing in a foreign language. Or at the very least look decent in a pair of hooker boots.


Anonymous said...

You do know that ANYONE can read your Blogg.. even the PW, Big Giant Head.. etc

.. or can PW read?

Evel said...

:-) they have to find it first.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. true..

But ya know I love reading these stuff !

BigRedOne said...

In a practically all male working environment, you can only get ahead by being the most alpha male around, going for the most drinks with the boss and laughing loudest at his jokes. It sucks, I refuse and will soon be on my way.

Anonymous said...

Christ, this place is driving me to drink! I wish drinking would get me farther ahead at work! LOL Yeah and I doubt PW would even clue in to the fact that NO ONE LIKES HER! *rah*

Melody said...

I hate women who use their bodies, visually or physically, to get ahead....it sets us back 100's of years. It's amazing then men, especially those in power, can be so damned stupid!

BigRedOne said...

Ah melody, but we really do have a lot of our decisions made for us. To quote someone I can't remember, we really don't have enough blood for both ends of our body ;-)