Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keeping busy?

So, The Boy moved out the other day and I have three weeks to kill. Naturally I have dug up the old home movies and have been editing.

Pre-Mason cuteness. The nephews and niece. (some of them anyway)

Random Mason cuteness.

More Mason cuteness.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

21 days

So I am sitting taking calls on Thursday. Call after call after call. The company bought out a bunch of other little companies, layed off the workers and so we are slammed with calls. They say you can only take one at a time, don't stress it. But its the mood of the customer after waiting for an hour to get to you that ... well... gets to you.

Anyway, I am just finishing a call when I sit back and WHAM! I feel like I am falling, backwards. Hard and fast. The freakiest thing I have ever experienced. Sort of like the feeling you get in a really fast elevator only more so.

At first I just thought, "Whoa!" but when it didn't stop, I started to get really freaked out. What if I pass out? Who would find me, and would they find me in time?

I throw the headset off and stagger into The Boy's room waking him, "What the hell, Mom?"

"Oh, I thought I should come in here in case I pass out, you can call 911. Or at least keep the cat from eating my face."

It lasted about 3 or 4 minutes but for the next three days I did not feel right. A few hours after I went up to the drug store and had my blood pressure checked. 179 over 99, not good. The next day it was only down to 154 over 96.

No, I did not go to the emergency room. I know, shut up!

Finally on Sunday when I still was feeling weird, I call the 'walk-in' clinic to see when they open. "Ya, we are done registering for the day."

WTF? "What does that mean?"

"We are done registering for the day, it is very busy."
So, basically, don't bother 'walking in' cuz no one will see you.

What the hell kind of walk in clinic is that? I was not aware that you could pre-register. And if you can pre-register, why not make an appointment with your own fucking doctor? Mine was on vacation til Monday or I wouldn't be contemplating the walk-in clinic.

She is just lucky I didn't 'walk in' cuz at that point I would have gone postal.

So, there I am, feeling weird and as luck would have it, not a thing to eat or drink in the house. Bunnie suggests going for groceries but I am scared to drive, cuz I feel so weird. So she offers to take me. "Would you mind? Just in case I take a nose dive, you can position me in a less humiliating position til the EMT's get there." HA! Probably not the best idea I have had all week. But I will leave that story for another day.

Finally, on Monday, my doctor is back. I spend all morning in between each call trying to get through to her. When I finally do, the only appointment she has is 7:15 at night. Now I work 10-2 and 7-11, so I have to split the second half of my split shift so I can make the appointment. I work from 5-7 and plan to go back on after seeing the doctor from 9-11.

Long story doctor wants me off the phones. She wanted 2 months, I agreed to 3 weeks. She writes the note and I am back home by 9. My manager works days so he wasn't available to talk to and since I had no experience with short term disability, I get on the phone to finish my shift.

We actually go out of queue at 9:30 so I am chatting on messenger with a Tier2 support person, as I am telling her about my day she says..."CALL ME!"

"What date is on that note?"

"Uh, today's."

"Uh, get off the phones. Now!"

Apparently, if I were to drop dead and they found a note from my doctor saying I was not supposed to be working, The Boy would be set for life after the lawyers got through with them. Who knew?

So, there you have it. I am off work for 3 weeks and I am not sure what I am going to do with myself. Well, when I am not having stress tests and sonograms on my heart and being drained of blood from some vampire at the hospital not to mention the insurance paperwork. All these things (and more) are in my immediate future.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I put the compost bag on the deck for The Boy to take down to the bin, then forgot to tell him.

These guys were on top of it though.

Friday, October 9, 2009

There otta be a 12 step program.

I feel trapped by FaceBook. I don't do anything else but check my status and the status of others, look at their photos and videos and play farming games.

I intermittently download and watch tv programs but it seems that I don't even bother to check email anymore or blog for that matter.

I know people that don't use Facebook, have never had Facebook....I know it can be done. But who wants to be the one person who is out of the loop?

I need help.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is up with that?

I download a lot of TV, since I don't pay for cable.

Right now there are plenty of new shows and pilot episodes of new series' out there. Yet I have resisted downloading Eastwick.

I just realized why, its because I assumed it was Canadian. Maybe because Paul Gross is doing the Nickleson role, I guess I assume it is going to be low budget or just plain crap.

Does that make me a snob?