Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Half a bubble offa plumb.

Well another weekend shift under my belt. This one was easier than the last, thank God.

I get home on Saturday afternoon and the neighbors rush out of their house to greet me. "The cops were here last night!"

"Great, what the hell did the boy do now?"

she says, "I asked if it was him and they said the boy was too young. They were looking for someone older." Turns out they told her husband,(the brain surgeon) the name of the boy they were looking for be he forgets. WTF? Four mounties surround your home at 1 in the morning and you forget who they were looking for? That man is half a bubble offa plumb.

Anyway they said they would be back but never did. They must have realized they had the wrong place.

Then this morning I wake up to a strange cat in my living room, the brain surgeons cat came through my screen! And it cannot fly either. Who knew?

I think they might be sharing the whiskas.


Anonymous said...

those taste temptations from the commercial...haha

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your new position is working out..

I bugged Sonny for a travel mug.. he gave me one.. but said YOU were the one with all the "Promo Material"!