Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wasted life.

Just got finished watching The Tooth Fairy.

I have to say that the best part of it (and the only thing stopping me from calling this post - 2 hours I will never get back) was Stephen Merchant.

He was hilarious.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am now officially old.

Bought some ice cream the other day and when I opened it it looked like this.

First thing that went through my head was "That's fine, I will just scoop off that protective coating."

Once that thought processed, I was doubled over in a fit of laughter.

Holy shit...I am officially an old lady.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So far, so good.

I have been rocking the e-cig for 19 days now. I have to tell you, I am lovin' it. Being a gadget junkie, I was predestined to try it and I am glad I did.

I guess you just have to try it for yourself, but it is just like smoking. It feels like smoking, it looks like smoking, you get that hit in the back of your throat like smoking only you get just the nicotine and not all the other crap chemicals that you get from tobacco smoking.

I find that I can breathe better and I am even cooking, cuz shit just tastes better. You heard me, I am, meals, like meat and potatoes and (what are those green things again?) vegetables. I kid you not.

I have not had a 'real' cigarette since I picked up this one. After (I would say) about 6 days this thing has paid for itself. Considering the 'juice' you use for it costs about $11 a bottle and it looks like one bottle will last me the better part of a month. So I am going from $300 per month (easy) with tobacco, to $11 a month vaping.

Now I want to clear this up. This is not, I repeat, NOT for quitting smoking. You are still getting nicotine, which is the only reason you can't quit tobacco. The nicotine is what you are addicted to. Granted, you could keep lowering your dose of nicotine until you eventually do quit, but if you really wanted to quit you could do that with just about any smoking succession aid.

I know why all those other things did not work for me. It is simply because I do not 'want' to quit smoking. I like to smoke, I enjoy it. This way I can still smoke, I just won't die from it. I don't see the down side.

I will say that I am pumping a lot of money into this thing initially. Only because being a gadget junkie, I need to get every possible accessory for this thing. Like one in silver and a cute little case to carry it around in. This also has led me to the realization that the mAh (or milliampere-hour) of the battery is the thing to pay attention to when choosing an e-cig.

The Joye 510 (the e-cig I have now, pictured above) comes with a 180mAh Rechargeable battery (two in the kit). When you first get the kit you realize it is going to be a bit different than drawing on a cigarette. Long slow draws are the way to go to get a good hit and lots of vapor. Long draws heat up the atomizer more. The warmer the atomizer the better the vapor. It takes some getting used to.

It was very impressive until I purchased my first accessory, the USB pass through battery. I didn't want to have to worry about the battery dying while I was working, and with this I just plug it into the laptop.

Now, the pass through has a 360mAh Rechargeable battery inside. The first time I tried it it just about cut the throat out of me. You just can't draw on it the same way as you would the 180mAh. You learn this very quickly. As the battery gets weaker (once you realize it is too much and unplug the thing) it becomes more of a normal cigarette smoking draw.

With that in mind, my next order will include the mega battery, its about in the middle of the road and wireless. It is a 280mAh Rechargeable, a little longer than the standard. Once I have this I think I will have the perfect setup and I can rest the credit card for a while.

As far as the juices go? I started with a Marlboro blend and if you are familiar at all with American cigarettes it was very potent. I have since ordered and received some flu curred and Camel flavored juice. I prefer the Camel (It is much smoother) but the flu curred is very nice as well. I have also ordered some flavored juices. Watermelon, apple and mint. So I should have enough juice to last me at least 6 months.

Bottom line, it might not be completely healthy to vape (considering you still get the nicotine) but I don't have to be a doctor to know that it has got to be better for you than tobacco smoking.

I Heart Karl Pilkington!

If you haven't seen The Ricky Gervais Show, you must download it. It is hilarious and it is mainly because of Karl.

Everyone should have a Karl in their lives. If only for the Monkey News.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Save your sanity, learn how to hide and ignore. Drag your ass into the 21st century and learn this skill.

Now there's a shocker.

{insert sarcasm}

Corey Haim dead at 38

If anyone watched The 2 Corey's, they saw this coming.

Just surprising it took so long.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I like strangling budgies.

I have been looking for this thing forever.

Funny as hell. The 80's were so much fun.

Have to add the God Sketch.

File it under, You Can't Make This Shit Up.

Was at the Dollar Store today and came across this.

First impression was, " can't be." Then I picked it up and it felt like what I was thinking it was.

What do you think it is? Maybe the nutritional information will help.

I figured it just couldn't be what I thought it was so I asked the clerk.

I thought it was hilarious that the Dollar Store sold pregnancy tests, but unblessed hosts? Is this where Father Bernie buys these things? I guess someone has to make them, but the Dollar Store. Seems a little sacrilegious.

Friday, March 5, 2010

WTF, John?

I am fast forwarding through most of American Idol. I don't pay much attention to it after the most entertaining part of the whole thing, that being the auditions. However, I did stop for a minute to see what John Park had to say.

"What people may not know about me is that English is my second language. When I was 6 I moved to Korea."

Okay, I am not a mathematical genius nor do I pretend to know everything about educational systems in every country but aren't you in school by the time you are 6 years old? What? You didn't speak? That must have been fuckin' irritating for the teachers.

"...moved back to Chicago in 4th grade..." So three, maybe four years in Korea. Dude, I am surprised you can still speak some Korean.

If that is the most interesting thing you could come up with? That's pitiful.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I need to get a life.

This is what is exciting me at the moment.

My e-cig accessories making their way here from China.

I know, its sad.