Monday, April 20, 2015


Politicians like to say that ejuice companies are marketing to children with flavors like Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy.

How stupid would that be? They say children and they are right. Children, (like) 4-11 year olds go ape shit over any type of candy. They are actual kids. However, in this instance they show you pictures of teens.

Lets just get around the psychology of that for a second. 

"~~I am a teen ager. I am contemplating smoking, with all the other cool teenagers in the smoke pit. (the cool is perceived, but I am dumb, I am a teenager) But now there are new things out there (I do not live under a rock and I am a teenager, I WILL try it) called ecigs. I have one and approach the smoke pit with it. There are other vapers there. ~~"

"Hey, (other cool kid) What flavor are you vaping?"

There is not a teen on this planet that wants to say, "Oh its Bubble Gum!" They might as well wear a sign that says, "Ridicule me mercilessly until I puke!"

I can say that I am vaping bubble gum...I am an adult and no longer give a shit what others think is cool. I vape it for the flavor not for the stupid name. Some of it is nostalgic.

So, cutsy flavors are appealing to the 4-11 year olds, but they have no money so who cares? THEY CAN'T BUY IT, THEY HAVE NO MONEY! And if you are an adult and have said 4-11 year olds living in your home with your kid-appealing ejuice flavors, it is on you to police that shit. Not me.