Monday, January 27, 2003


Ok. I have had time to process and I would like to explain what happened on Friday.

I arrived at work shortly before 9am. All was pretty normal, not much different than any other day. The boss had me type up a few letters and fax them off, then I finished the payroll and was about to dig in to my data entry, it was about 10:30am. He came down the stairs and was looking for something so I helped him find it.

Then he sat down. Here is our conversation:

�We are going to be making some changes around here. And unfortunately, they will not include you.�

Just like that. I was stunned for a minute. �Are you kidding?�


�Just like that?�

�Ya, just like that?�

�As of when?�

�Right now�

�No notice?, Nothing?�

�What would be the point in giving notice?�

�Oh, I don�t know. Maybe I could find something else?�

�No, it has to be today, in fact you can pack up right now and go if you like.�

At this point I am still stunned, I don�t know what to do. All that is going through my head is the fact that I am self employed, which means, no unemployment insurance, no severance. I have been working for this guy for 7 years. Then I realized that I wasn�t upset. Which was strange, I was suddenly out of a job with only the pay check in my hand to my name, but I was not upset.

The truth was, I hated my job. I would go to bed on Sundays with dread about having to go to work in the morning. I really hated the thought of going back. But I suppose if this had not happened I would have suffered through a few more years, I probably would have never left on my own. But now, here it is Monday and I feel great.

I have enough work with my other clients to get me through a couple of months while I find something else. In fact I think I will take this opportunity to try something else. I have been in the same line of work since I left high school (about 18 years) and I am ready to try something different. I have updated my resume and have dropped off some in town, and am looking into going back to school.

It�s not an ending, it�s a beginning and I have to tell ya��.it feels good.

Here goes nothing.

Ok, I have just finished updating my resume and I am off tomorrow to get myself a new and better job.

Wish me luck.

Friday, January 24, 2003

I just got at 11.

This will survive!

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen on the web.....its old, but It's one of those things that you keep when your deleting everything else off your hard drive. It's big, it might take a while to download,(for those of you who are on dial up) but it is very worth it. Click on my little friend to watch the video.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

WARNING: This will make your ears bleed.

Check out some of the worst auditions for
American Idol. Truly halarious.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Finally after months, game after game of being slaughtered, only twice actually tying a game, its happened.


And that means.....PILE ON THE GOALIE!

And don't forget to shake hands with the losers. (wow that was blood thirsty of me)

And the final score?

4-1 and The Boy got 2 of those goals. I am so proud I could spit.

Sweet Jesus!

I am freezing my ass is minus 18 celcius with a windchill of minus 31.

It's not fit for humans.

Monday, January 20, 2003

What the fuck?

If even a fraction of this is true, these people should be ashamed. Not only do these people have to deal with the fact that they are homeless, but they also have to deal with corrupt employees of the very agency that is supposed to be there to help them. Read this, THE "REAL" NASHVILLE RESCUE MISSION, and thank the lord you have a warm bed.


Trying to sleep but whenever I lay my head down I can't breathe. Going to take some drugs and sit at puter for a while till they kick in....please kick in soon.

Ok, I spoke too soon.

I woke up Sunday morning sick as a dog. Now it is Monday morning and I am exhausted. I just called in sick and I am going back to bed.

Pray for me.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

It's all fun and games, till someone loses an eye.

I somehow escaped being sick. Don't ask me how but I think the Tylenol Flu I took at the first sign yesterday kicked ass!

Anyhow, I was well enough to go to my son's hockey game today and lets just say he gets his temper honest.

There are a sequence of events that I should show you.

First�...this is the penalty. I know its small but I was far away and if you watch number 15 closely, you will see him get a bead on a kid that had given him trouble earlier.

view penalty video

Now he is in the penalty box. What you didn�t see was him flipping out over the refs call. He threw his stick down and did a little �fuck you� dance.

And after it�s all over? The ref has a little chat with him.

Ok, he has some rage issues. That�s why he isn�t playing chess.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Oh its coming! I can feel it.

I�m starting to get sick. You know that feeling you get when your not sick right now but you don�t feel right so you know you are going to get sick. That is how I feel today. Half way through the day I started to sneeze and one nostril began that exasperating constant dripping thing. {gross}

When I feel like this I get irritable. Not to be confused with the PMS irritable, the PMS irritable is more happy go lucky (unless you are not me) I get giddy and literally bask in my bitchyness. I scream at other motorists and laugh loudly at the ridiculousness of it all.

But I digress, today I am just irritable so of course I will take this opportunity to bitch whine express my displeasure with the things that, well, displease me.

ABS BREAKS: What rocket scientist came up with this truly useless invention. He obviously did not live anywhere where breaking was a must (like anywhere there is snow). When I apply my breaks on any surface that is remotely slippery, I get this grinding clunking sound and surprise surprise I do not stop. My breaks do not lock�...but they also do not stop my car. Every time this happens (which is every time I try to stop my car) I can�t help but wonder what was going though those peoples minds. Did they just roll this piece of shit off the assembly line and upon hearing the clunking and the grinding thought �Wow, what a great invention. Nice work Bubba�. If you live in a colder climate you know that ABS breaks are for morons who don�t know how to steer out of a skid.

Short break for fit of sneezing, I am up to 6 in a row, a personal best.

PACKAGING: Hotdogs come in packs of 12, buns come in packs of 8. What�s up with that?

COLD FEET: I have them.

LUCI: The last couple nights it has been bitterly cold. When this happens my cat decides that instead of shitting outside, she will use the bathroom. Not a pleasant discovery first thing in the morning. If she would just leave it out in the open I suppose I could be a mite bit understanding about her predicament but of course she has to burry it under a towel. (Cat Shit Surfing)

NON SMOKERS: I applaud you, you are of course, a higher being than I with more self control and virtuous character. Now FUCK OFF!

OPRAH WINFREY: Ok, everyone that wants to �feel good� has already seen the show. Now FUCK OFF!

{{{HUGGY}}} CHAT PEOPLE: What the fuck is that? Is that supposed to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, when you {{{HUG}}} me three and a half seconds after you meet me? Ya, that�s sincere. You know who you are, you get your nose out of joint when I don�t {{{HUG}}} back.

SPAM: Does any of that shit actually generate revenue? Has anyone ever visited one of those sites? You did? Oh, sorry. Your mother must be so proud.


PEOPLE WITH NO JOB WHO CALL YOU ON SATURDAY MORNING AT 8AM AND ASK YOU WHAT YOUR DOING: There is a village somewhere searching for its idiot.

WRITERS BLOCK: Ummm, Ummm Uhhh.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

One good turn...

In retaliation As a thank you for this little nail biter, I decided to send my own suprise back to Ralph.

Ralph looks a little anxious, doesn't he?

It didn't bite.

Your Welcome!

Wednesday, January 8, 2003


This made me laugh.

CAPTION: How many times have we just thought....."If I just close my eyes the bitch will go away."

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

This just in...

My son is doing the at 11.

Absolutely MUST see TV!
subtitled: Let the Backbiting Begin

Last night I watched Joe Millionaire. Fuckin� hilarious!

In case you haven�t heard of the show, here is the premise. Twenty girls are transported to a castle to meet a man who they are told just inherited 50 million clams, and vie for his affections. Sort of like Bachelor but with a couple of twists.

Twist one�..50 million dollars, twist two�.there is no money. Joe Millionaire is a phoney, he is a construction worker who makes $19,000 per year. The girls don�t find this little tidbit out until the end, when he springs it on them. It is going to be a bloodbath. They are already climbing over each other to get to this guy. Now, mind you, he is really cute but they are totally being snowed.

It will be very interesting to see just how the �winner� reacts to finding out instead of the castle she was promised, she will be occupying a double wide.

Saturday, January 4, 2003

Big Fuckin� Deal!

It�s 2003� what? Frankly I think new year celebrations are a bit of a let down, so I avoid them. Another year, big fuckin� deal. All it means is that now you have to start paying for all the things you couldn�t afford to buy during Christmas on top of all your regular bills. And chances are your children or significant others are not the least bit grateful.

Perhaps my foul mood has everything something to do with my boss. The first day back to work after a week off he starts yelling at me. I think he made it a whole nine and a half minutes (a personal record) before he started in on me. This wouldn�t have bothered me so much if it had been tempered with the customary Christmas bonus that most people expect and in fact most people in our company got, except for me, oh and Richard but he hasn�t been full time for very long. (but he should have gotten anyway)

I have been working at this particular company for almost 7 years, and a guy that only started in May got a bonus but not me. And that guy wasn�t actually given his bonus, he ran across an envelope with his name on it laying on the counter amongst some other papers and he opened it and it was his bonus. The boss doesn�t even know he has it yet. You can just imagine the morale of the employees.

Now, it appears that the boss wants to have a sit down with all the employees to discuss the problems we are having in the company. I wonder if he has any inkling that �he� is in fact the root of all problems in the company.

He badgers and berates everyone, no one can do anything right. He complains that we are not taking initiative, that we need him to make any small decision but when we do make a decision on our own he berates us for making the wrong one. Its like when you take out a garbage bag from the package, no matter what end you try and open first, its always the wrong end, even if you second guess yourself and go for the end you didn�t intend to at first. You can not win with this guy. He talks to you like you are a complete and utter moron, and if by some miracle you can �prove� that the wrong decision was made by him, then the reason he made the wrong decision is because somehow you must have given him the wrong information. No one has any desire anymore to go the extra mile for the company because it gets them nowhere, so why should they bother.

He has everyone so stressed out that we are making more mistakes. I even ended up in hospital last year because of stress migraines which at first the doctors thought I had had a stroke. I was forced to take a week off. Even when he is in a good mood you can�t relax because you never know what will make him turn on you. My first day back it was three letters that made him flip. I misspoke, I said �FHP� instead of �manufacturer�, simple as that. Everyone walks on eggshells around him. It will end badly. I could go on forever but I am depressing myself.

So, how was your holiday?