Thursday, August 25, 2005

A call to arms.

I spent a couple hours on the 23rd rallying the troops.

I came in to submit my resume for the trainer position only to discover that I was but one of two to do so. Not happening, we are not making it that easy for him. If he wants to stack the deck, I will make damn sure it's a full deck.

So, I went through the center bullying encouraging anyone with a resume on the system to submit it for the associate trainer position. People who didn't even want the position, it didn't matter, I even updated a couple myself at home. Now when they give the position to PW, we can all get together to tear the MO a new one.

Won't that be fun?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with those.. you must be a fun person to work with!..You go girl.

Evel said...

I have my moments.

Anonymous said...

yay! let's see them try and say she's more qualified than some of you that applied...wench. it won't fly, not unless they want a revolt, i mean my god they have to send emails every 2 days to quell rumours. LOL stop the insanity! fire the bitch! hehe

Anonymous said...

Whaddaya think? That they give these jobs out based on qualifications, merit and such? PW can't be blamed for being PW any more than a snake can be blamed for being a snake - she can't help being PW.

Look at it this way, She's simply better at 'networking' than others. How about this one, She's 'leveraging her core competencies' 'utilizing existing skillsets' .....there's all kinds of ways to use corporate buzzwords to descibe ho-ass bootlicks and their ilk, try to make a few of your own kiddies.