Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Legal but still not legal.

So, as of October 17th, pot is legal in Canada. That being said, this does not mean everyone can SELL pot in Canada.

Here in Nova Scotia, the Liquor Commission (Government entity) is the only place you can get legal marijuana. Medical marijuana is and has been only legal to purchase online with prescription.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have been around for a couple years, albeit, illegally. Every now and then, over these last years, dispensaries have been raided, shut down and then opened back up. I figure they must have been making a fortune if they could do that on a regular basis considering they had all their product and cash seized. 

They get their asses on tv saying 'what will my poor patients do?' They will do what they are supposed to do and get it from licensed dispensaries online. There is literally nothing stopping them from getting it legitimately.

So, Wednesday rolls around and the first customers through the door are asking what strains of 'bud' I have. Really? 'But it's legal'...so is beer but I can't sell that either. Get your head on straight.

You paid for that.

My friend walked into the shop the other day with new microbladed eyebrows.

If you don't know what that is, basically, tattooed eyebrows. 
They were too dark and way too perfect. I tried, unsuccessfully, to avert my eyes but all I could think of was 'Angry Bird'. And me, being the asshole that I am, could not contain myself and told her so.

She eventually had to leave the shop because every time her eyebrows moved I lost my shit and could not control my laughter.

This shit costs upwards of $300, and she has to live with it.(and me)

People, a tattoo is a tattoo. Not on the face, never on the face.