Sunday, February 28, 2010

█ ♥ █ HE SHOOTS...HE SCORES!!! █ ♥ █

Canada owns hockey! Sid the Kid brings it home in sudden death overtime. Very exciting.

Both men and women walk away with the gold medals in hockey.

Icidently, Canada has won 14 gold medals, the most by any country at any Winter Games.

Olympic Commercials

They had some pretty cute commercials for the Olympics.

█ ♥ █ HE SHOOTS...HE SCORES!!! █ ♥ █ Michael J. Fox

There is one Chevy commercial that was so cute. Unfortunately, they disabled the embed, so you will have to click here to see it.

It features two cars having a conversation and every time they are interupted by someone walking between them one of the cars yells, "Human!" hehehe...cute.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Um...but you lost...???

The US is all fired up over winning the most medals so far and it seems like the media is eating the same idiot cookies. won the most medals but you have not won the most gold medals and isn't that what it is all about?

I mean silver is cool...but you still lost the race.

"YEAH! We got 36 medals! WOO HOO!"

Okay, Retard. But in 27 of those events you actually ... lost.

I am not a sports person but I thought close only counts in horseshoes. When did they add that one to the olympics?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's your sign!

Picked up Bunnie at the doctor's today. Showed her my new e-cigarette and asked her if she wanted to try it.

"NO! I heard you can get nicotine poisoning from those things."

Then she promptly lit a cigarette.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's called a 'Killer' Whale.

SeaWorld killer whale attacks trainer: latest in string of deaths

And now you are surprised? I was always taught 'not' to poke the bear.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My e-cig arrived today! The Joye 510.

I am already chomping at the bit to get accessories for this thing.

Right out of the chute, this thing was awesome. Not only does it look like a cigarette, but you get the hit in the back of your throat like a real cigarette and you can even blow smoke rings with this thing. You would swear you were really smoking.

When I took the first drag on this thing I was anticipating ... I don't know what I was anticipating but I took a really long's kind of deceptive because there is no heat in your mouth like you would get with a real cigarette that tells you to stop drawing on it.

Well, like I said, I took a long draw........and nearly choked to death. LOL After the choking fit I was a little light headed. Seriously. If I had taken that long of a draw on a real cigarette I would have choked too.

With that lesson learned early, I took a normal draw on it and it wass awesome. I don't see myself ever smoking a real cigarette again. It has been three hours now and I am not in any kind of withdrawal. I am getting the nicotine my body craves without all the other crap. Unlike those nicotine inhalers this gives me all the other crap that I like about cigarettes...the actual smoking part. (Does that make sense?)It tastes like tobacco, hits the back of your throat like tobacco and you can even blow smoke rings if you like. All without any actual smoke.

I think the reason that patches, gum and pills didn't work for me is because I don't actually want to quit smoking. What I want is to smoke and not die.

Hey....I am now formaldehyde and arsenic free! (among 3000 other chemicals)

Monday, February 22, 2010

This is starting to get on my last nerve.

I ordered the e-ciagarette and was given a tracking number.
Label/Receipt Number: #########
Class: First-Class Mail International
Service(s): International Letter
Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on February 12, 2010 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

The website and my invoice says 6-10 days. And here it is 10 days later and this is all I get. I emailed them so they could confirm that it actually left the building and then they tell me it could take 3 weeks. (not what I was told when I ordered it)

This shit is coming from Florida. In three weeks I could walk there and back.

Anyone need me to pick anything up for them on my way?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Join a fuckin' commune, Hippy.

I don't care if it is 'the most natural thing in the world'.

I don't wanna watch you haul your tit out in a restaurant and feed your kid. I have to pay for my should junior. It's a fuckin' restaurant, not a picnic park.

For the love of can pump one won't kill ya.

And isn't it always a kid old enough to work the fuckin' vending machine who walks up to 'Mom' so she can haul her tit out to give him a drink. You are not being are being cheap. Buy the kid a soda for fuck sake.

I know what you are going to say. Breast feeding has been around forever and is natural. Well we used to squat in the fields and give birth too.

Can we just retire the tie-dye t-shirts and drag ass into the 21st century please?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gonna miss these videos.

Haven't really seen a good one since Bill left the building.

My personal favorite.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Give me a break!

I don't care how many documentaries you star in.

You are still just a nutt-bar!

(As I was watching this video I was thinking...what makes you think the Eiffel Tower wants to marry you?)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day!

No matter the weather, I always have a fan in the window. Probably not the best idea last night. Woke up to this.

Car is not going anywhere.

Hell, if you have have to make a snowman...its the law.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

On its way.

My Joye 510 electronic cigarette should be here in 6-10 days.

The previous one I purchased was out of stock...took them a while to figure that one out and refund me but I am glad it worked out.

Since I ordered the Gamucci, I have heard nothing but crap about them. So I am a little relieved I won't be getting that one. The lady that I dealt with was very apologetic and even said she sent me a free disposable one for my trouble. I will let you know how that one was but like I said, I am happy that I am now getting the Joye 510.

All the YouTube reviews for this electronic cigarette has been positive and the sight that sells them, Health Cabin, is also highly recomended by the reviewers and users of these e-cigs.

They have excellent prices, I was able to get two of the Joye 510 for the price of just one of the Gamucci's. I can't wait.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Recently, I started watching Nip/Tuck. Its a pretty good show but what the fuck is up with John Hensley? Is this truly what he looks like in real life?

He puts me in mind of Michael Jackson at the height of his plastic surgery frenzy.

There is just something....I don't know......'off' about how he looks.

I can't really find a picture that shows exactly what I mean, you just have to see him on the show....something is just off. Even his hair looks fake.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intruder update.

I am awoken from a dead sleep the other night. I can hear chewing. I don't know if any of you have ever had a gerbil or small rodent that chewed cardboard but that was exactly what it sounded like and it was really loud.

Great! So I follow the sound that just keeps getting louder and louder into the kitchen. It's the middle of the night and all I can think about is what the hell will I do with it when I find it?

I think I have located the culprit. I am convinced by the shear volume that it is coming from this bag. (another reason not to recycle)

Now I am forced to formulate a plan at 3 in the morning, not my sharpest time I can tell you that. Did I mention I am holding a knife? No? Oh, well I am not sure what I had planned to do with the knife but I am holding it. Then I think, wait, I am NOT stabbing anything. Way too messy.

The bag is not moving but from the sounds of it, the 'thing' is in the bag and it is chomping on cardboard. LIGHTBULB!

I grab the bag by the top (making mental note that I do not feel any weight to it) and make a b-line for the door and fire it outside. Relief. Short lived when I realize the reason I did not feel any weight to the bag. I can still hear the chomping. Back into the kitchen I go, same spot (sans bag) and I can still hear the chomping. Relief again, it is not IN the house but it is IN the house. Looks and sounds like whatever it is, it is inside the wall. This being the outside wall off the deck I plan to the morning.

Of course for the next few days it is bitter cold and windy so I do not even venture out to get the mail. In the mean time I tell the landlord the story of the chomping. So today he shows up with a mouse trap. He hands it to me.

"What the hell is this for?"

"For inside."

"Uh, Dude, if I thought the thing was inside, so would you be. And you wouldn't be leaving without the body of said thing in your hand."

I had actually been investigating and I believe I know what is going on. I explain it to the landlord but I can show y'all with pictures.

First, there is the trail.

So you can see where it is coming up the stairs and where it is going when it gets there. And since it is not 40 below with the windchill I can get a closer look at where it is going.

Seems like the flashing has come off the eave, and BINGO!

A big-ass hole with what appears to be hair. I think we have found its front door. The landlord throws a block of poison inside and a little treat for outside.

I think that should take care of whatever it is. I really hope I see a dead body but I am okay with never knowing if that is to be the case. Dead is dead.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Boy is Legal!

The Boy turns 19 today.

Man, does that statement make a girl feel old. I just wish I could win the lottery so I could give him whatever he wants.

[Sigh] He will just have to be happy with a little gas money and an 'I Love You'.

And this...

Click here if you can't see the video.

Happy Birthday! Luv Ya!


Taking The Boy to the Frog and Toad for a birthday dinner. And a beer. (I am soooo old)