Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Four days, whatever will I do with myself?

Finished my first 'week' on the new backshift schedule. What fun. Working 1am till 2pm for three days.

The first night was brutal. I could not for the life of me sleep all that day, although I tried. By the time I got into work I was already tired. That first night I didn't get a call till 10:30am.
Nine and a half hours before I got a call! It was rough. We basically just sat around and talked, played cards and bored ourselves stiff. By the time I got home I was that tired that I don't even think I took my shoes off.
I just crashed.

The next night was a little better, although I still only took 3 calls in 13 hours. I at least had a little more sleep. But since there is only 10 hours between the shifts, I didn't get much else accomplished. I got home and was in bed at 2:13pm.

I was really rested for the last shift, and it was a good thing. We actually started to get quite a few calls on Monday morning, but it wasn't till the day shift had already arrived so I still only took 12 calls in total. But before that, we played Trivial Pursuit for about 3 hours.

Now here I sit, Tuesday afternoon, (I think) and I am tired. Must go take a nap.

And another thing...

You can disregard the 'vote for Kaysar' thing in the previous post. I have discovered a program that will send in my votes automatically. You just put in how many times you want to vote and presto. So far I have voted 10,345 times and counting. Every 5 seconds.

Don't ya just love technology?

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