Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love is most definately blind.

The only interesting thing happening on Big Brother 9. James and Chelsea, going at it hot and heavy.

That is not really the interesting part. Poor Chelsea thinks she is in love. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she finds out that James is a gay (soft?) porn star.

How could you not know something is very 'off' with that boy. He has a badly done pink Mohawk. He dresses like a clown, in purple pants that don't even fit him properly, which I suppose explains the rainbow (gay pride) belt.

He has just about the stupidest, poorly done tattoos I have ever seen. I am surprised anyone (ANYONE) found this kid in the least bit attractive.

He has told everyone he is homeless, bicycling across America for some unknown reason. I am sure he has a reason, and he has said what that reason is but it was probably so stupid that I have forgotten it. Then he turns around and tells Chelsea that he used to own a mortgage company. Seriously? She bought that hook, line and sinker. I am not sure, but I think Chelsea may have been dropped on her head as a child.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What the hell?

I have to say that so far American Idol has pretty much been a non-event for me. It is something I would stop on during my nightly channel surf that usually ended up on some reno show.

Except for tonight, this kid, David Cook, came on and sang Billy Jean. Un-fucking-believable.

He rocked it. The lyrics were there, but he totally changed the tune. If I see it on youTube, I will post it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring.


I wake up to drive The Boy to school, he is in the shower.

I open up messenger and see all the moms have similar tag lines.

"seriously NO school"

"Yay!! School's canceled... even longer weekend for the kids!!"
I think that one has just a touch of sarcasm attached to it.

I hate this sort of thing, you look out the window and its a perfectly normal day. No rain, no snow. No sun either, but hey, its Nova Scotia in March we don't expect much.

Back in the day we never got a day off of school on the off chance there could possibly be bad weather later on in the day. We only got dismissed from school when the snow was getting close to knee level (That's the bus drivers knees, not the kids) or the boiler stops working. That was it.

Back in the day the weather man didn't have the luxury of saying "...there is a 50% chance of rain...". He had to nail it down. Probability of precipitation, give me a break.

I remember getting off the bus and trudging through snow up to my hips to get into the house.

It makes no sense. We have better snow clearing equipment now then we did then. We have generators and snow blowers

How is it that we have gotten so soft?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you don't hear from me...

I am installing the first service pack for Vista.

If I'm not back in 24 hours...notify the authorities.
I'm so excited!

My training com padres (Pablo, Lenny, Wayne) and I will be on the road again tomorrow.

It's been a while since we traveled and I am looking forward to catching up.

I will take notes.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who votes for these people?

Not me, I can tell you that. I was reading this article.

Flavoured smokes leave a bad taste for MLA

Retarded laws and bans annoy the shit out of me. This is our tax dollars at work. Children are homeless and starving, and this idiot is going after a product that is not even legal for a person under the age of 19 to buy.

I had a couple minutes so I thought I would comment briefly.

"Another pointless discussion. It's illegal to buy cigarettes when your 15, they won't even show grownups the cigarettes anymore. How exactly is it luring children into buying them? Someone is just looking for publicity to justify their existence in politics.

If you were truly serious, you would ban tobacco all together. Oh, wait. The government makes too much money off of it, doesn't it?"

Then some other idiot had to pipe in.

Steve writes: Evel, the government doesn't make money on the sale of cigarettes at all. In fact the cost of treating smoking related illness far exceed any tax money it receives from the sale of cigarettes.

Flavored cigarettes are targeted at children. Because they are flavored they may become cool among the younger crowd and become a fad.

So this guy is yet another who has been sucked in by the hype. I figured I would do a little digging and find out just how much tax is on a carton of cigarettes, since this retard thinks it isn't significant.

I found this information that says that in 2007 the tax on Cigarettes is 16.52¢ per cigarette, $33.04 per carton of 200.

Holy shit. If you consider that a carton of cigarettes would cost about eighty-five bucks,(if your lucky) almost 40 percent of that is tax! (I'm to pretty to do actual math, but you get the idea)I am thinking the government might just be making a couple of bucks.

Oh, but the government really doesn't care about the money. They are all about helping the children.

BULLSHIT! It's already illegal for kids to buy smokes. Hell, when you walk into a store, you have to ask if they even sell them. The cigarettes are hidden from you behind a wall. So, how exactly are these kids being advertised to?

Fuck off, Ms. MLA. Get off your fat ass and do some real work. Like filling the potholes or feeding some starving families.

And the mother? Why don't you find out what adult your child is hanging out with who is supplying her with these cigarettes? I would be more concerned with that than if they are puffing on some flavored smokes. What do you suppose that perv asked for in return? Did you even think of that?

Once again, these bans miss the mark. They are pointless and do not stop kids from smoking. All they do is piss off the adult smokers and appease the tree huggers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How gullible can you be?

Don't answer that.

This commercial has irritated the hell out of me for a week.

Hello! I hate to state the obvious, but actual water has zero calories.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Girl's gotta have it.

When I want something sweet, I will do anything to get it.

Last night we were in the midst of a storm, there was no way I was braving the elements to get a sugar fix.

What to do?

I am woman, right? I am so! Off I go into the cupboards to see if I can find my dog a bone.

But when I got know the rest.

I do have a few things, brown sugar, oatmeal, that sort of thing. There has got to be something I can make. Dig through the drawers and drag out the Joy of Cooking (yes I have one, its about 30 years old) there must be something in this huge book that I can make.

Nope, no cocoa or chocolate, scratch that.
Crap! No eggs.....shit, damn. Looks like I might just have to scarf down a spoonful of sugar to tame the craving.

Wait just a minute....I have meringue powder, that's made out of eggs right? Hell, it is eggs, sort of.

Ok, now we are cooking with gas. And it looks like I have peanut butter. I am good to go.

I probably should have made sure I had all the ingredients before I began, but I was jones'in for cookies, I can't really be held responsible for what transpired.

So, there I am, deep into the recipe, creaming the butter, brown sugar, white sugar, simulated eggs in the bowl. It all looks good. Something is missing, this is way too moist. there has to be dry ingredients. I have flour? Everyone has flour....Shit! I don't have flour.

Now what? Hmmmm, I am contemplating just eating this concoction with a spoon when I spy something in the back of the cupboard.

Pancake mix. God love Aunt Jamima, Its basically flour, right? How much different could it be? I am into it now, I have nothing to lose. Ignoring the boy's rolling eyes, I crack open the pancake mix and throw it in. While I am at it, I toss in some oatmeal.

Long, long, long story short, awesome cookies!

It's from the Martha Stewart cookbook, jail house edition.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My name is Evel, and I am an addict.


Why am I addicted to those home buying shows? Not the home reno shows, the ones where someone is looking to buy a house.

I started off watching decorating shows, then reno shows, then moved on to house flipping shows, now it seems like all I ever watch is Sell This House or Location, Location, Location.

I have no interest in buying a house in Spain so what is up with that?