Thursday, August 25, 2005

On a lighter note.

Just sitting here giggling over commercials. The Keith's Angry Scot commercials are my favorites. They haven't got the Scurvy one up yet (my all time favorite) but here are a couple of the better ones.

Spilly Talker
Neck Brace

And the Joe Canadian commercial. The one we all want every single American on the planet to commit to memory.

Got any favorites you want to share?


Anonymous said...

Joe Canadian.. as a Canadian in the USA. I only have seen it a few times.. I wish they would show it here!!

On another trip back to Canada I also saw a commerical about a 'pick up hockey game' happening in downtown Toronto.. very very cool.

Her in the USA.. this one will a little dog at camp is sooo cute.

Unknown said...

That's a'boot the funniest thing I've seen in a while?

Do you know Sally?


Evel said...

You mean Sally, who is married to Office Bob?

Anonymous said...

I love the Labatt Blue one where the two guys are out at the bar jamming the the rockin' 80's tune.

Why don't you TURN ME LOOSE! Turn me loose! I've gotta do it my way...or no way at allllllllll!!


Anonymous said...

There's a hysterical radio commercial for Labatt Blue beer, about how they named it after the Blue Bombers. It's voiced by the guy who played J.Peterman on Seinfeld.

The ending line, which I think is hilarious just because it's clever (and NOT because I'm a Bombers fan... who, incidentally just lost to HAMILTON the other night, making this post timely in a way),

"Labatt Blue. Because something CAN'T happen right out of the Tiger Cat."


Evel said...