Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Makes it all worth it.

Got a message the other day that makes me think I may not be just spinning my wheels with this vaping thing.

Eva - I have one word to say to you:


I don’t think you realize how many lives you’ve saved and continue to save. As of tomorrow I’m 2 weeks as a Non-smoker. My sister’s kit will arrive tomorrow and she will try Vaping instead of smoking. God Eva, this is epic! I LOVE VAPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it weren’t for your videos and your “putting it out there” I wouldn’t know anything about vaping ( I’d NEVER have been able to quit. I knew I needed to quit but I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to. I LOVE smoking. I love inhaling and blowing out and having a cigarette in my hand – I love the whole thing and because of you I didn’t have to give up anything but carcinogens and chemicals.

Eventually I will have watched every video you’ve made on you tube – I’m working on it. Loving the vaping in public thing I was at the Casino in Hfx on the 18th and vaped to my heart’s content – the others went outside to smoke

Anyway – keep it up Eva!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


ME: "What's wrong?"

THE SISTER: "I think my credit card is over the limit and my phone bill payment bounced." Sitting with head in hands. "I am just gonna have to stop paying for the foster child."

ME:~~blink~~blink~~ "Out of all the things you spend money on, the starving child in Africa is who you are gonna let go? You are so going to hell."

THE SISTER: "It's 80 bucks!"

ME: "Oh well then..I think its probably time he started fending for himself. Or at the very least move to an area with a lower standard of living." ~~BLANK STARE~~

THE SISTER: "Ya...I am so going to hell."

ME: "Ya think?"

From Milton to Kojak

Milton...will be shaved on Monday.

Milton is a Yorkie-Po. We named him after my father ... well ... because he has black hair. He looks fine, but if you pick him up he feels like a sheep, he is so matted next to his skin. Poor thing.

He is a year old now and no, we have not had him fixed yet. We really need to do that soon, he needs to calm the fuck down and realize we mean business.

The sister hates him. He eats her shoes, he eats the wallpaper off the wall, he shits all over her lawn and if he gets near the garbage, he either pisses on it or tears it apart. (depending on the contents, apparently)

She has changed his name to Shutthefuckup. But he does not come when you call him.

Addiction vs. Hobby

I have accumulated a lot of stuff over this past two and a half years. Some of it was awesome, a lot of it was junk. The sister sometimes walks into my room and looks at my desk and shakes her head.

But tell me, who would have thought quitting smoking would be this much fun? Mind you, it can get out of control sometimes.

Smoking was an addiction, vaping is a hobby.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pros and Cons

The scene on my desk used to be a pack of smokes and an ashtray.

So, I may have lost real estate in this non-smoker recession, but I have gained a lot more.

I can breathe, I can taste and smell things again. Granted, this is not always a good thing. For instance, I can smell if there is a dirty ashtray somewhere in the house. Also, were you aware that vegetables actually have their own taste? I kid you not....vegetables DO NOT taste like salt and butter.

I know, I was as shocked as you are and I am down 34 pounds.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What have I been up to?

Well, since I started vaping a couple of years ago, it has pretty much consumed my life. Much like blogging did and html coding did before that. I am not a well rounded human being, I am slightly OCD about things.

I started a vaping blog and pretty much neglected this one. I am starting to even out, but I thought I would reveal my obsession in its entirety now.

You know me...I am a gadget freak and since I got that first electronic cigarette, it has been all down hill from there. These are some straight up electronic cigarettes but some are what is known as a mod. Those are definitely the most interesting. My favourite by far is the Little Steamy a steampunk mod, pictured below.

This is by no means everything I have owned in the last two and a half years, it is just what I possess as of today. Some have been traded, some have been given away. When a device sits for too long and begins to collect dust, its days are numbered.

I guess you could call me a collector. I prefer Mod Whore. I am still looking for a 12 step program.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Please....no autographs!

Generally I avoid family functions like the plague. But, every once in a while I bite the bullet and show up.

One of my cousins got married out of town and they were having a little reception for the home towners to congratulate the couple.

It had been quite a while since I showed up at one of these things. Longer than I thought, apparently.

When we walked through the door the place erupted....people rushed to take our picture. It was like being accosted by paparazzi.

Fully expect this to be on the 11 o'clock news.

Did manage to get a shot of Irma and I vaping in public.

SO....To catch everyone up? NOT.

It has been so long since I blogged that when I decided to take it up again I thought I would take some time to catch everyone up.

That seemed like a daunting task and I kept putting it off. So, I decided to just jump in like I had been blogging all along.

Deal with it.