Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wanted: One coffee guy. Reliable. Car optional.

I am going back to work tonight after a couple days off and I am not looking forward to it. You see, my coffee guy has gone to day shift.

And he is a hard act to follow. By the end of our run, he was going automatically and if I forgot to tell him I wanted coffee, he would get it anyway barring the occasional brain fart.

Now I have to interview for a new coffee guy. There is one in the building, Howie, who goes around and takes orders but he doesn't have me as a regular stop and I have gotten so spoiled with my old coffee guy that I sometimes forget to hunt him down. There is another guy, Teffer, who will go for you but it is a bit of a production number every single time.

"So, Teffer, you going for coffee?"
"Would love to, but I have no car." I know you have no car, you talk about the fact daily.
"You can take my car." Just like the last 15 times you went to get me coffee.
"Sure, I'll go then." There is two minutes I will never get back.

What I really need is a person that "gets" that I want coffee every night, he need not ask me, he just needs to deliver.

Idiots need not apply.

And another thing...

The boy broke his skateboard. Between payweeks. I told him he would have to wait till next week for a new deck. He whined. I told him if his father coughed up a week of child support in advance I could swing it. The father did, and I bought a deck.

Bolt is stripped on trucks, boy flips out. I tell boy that I getting the same crap as before I bought the deck, what is my motivation for buying a deck in the future? At least before I was $50 richer.

Who do you suppose gets credit for the buying of the skateboard?

I need my head examined.

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