Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Bone Tired!

Haven't posted in a while, not because nothing is going on, just tired.

The 10 hour shifts are getting to me. Not only are they long, but they are filled with morons. I spent a better part of my shift with my head on my desk, groaning. How do these people find me?

"I have the sasser worm."
"What sort of thing is happening?"
"My computer is slow."
"Ok....not the worm. Are you sure that is all that is happening?"
"Yes, and Dell told me it was the virus and you would help me for free."

I told him no that he didn't have the virus and since he was OEM there would be a fee.
He was indignant, "DELL TOLD ME..."

"Look, Dave, I have no control over what Dell told you and I am sorry you have been misinformed, but those are your options." Take it or leave it.

Another guy calls in and he is pissed that he has to pay. "No wonder you guys are getting sued all the time, what a racket. I have half a mind to just junk this computer and go another way."

"Well there is always, Brad. But I am afraid, you will still have to deal with our software."

"I need to pay more attention to the law suites against you. What other alternative do I have but you guys?"
"There's always Lin.ux." Good luck with that.

"What version of wi.nd.ows are you running?"
"Of.fice 2001"
"Is it of.fice or wi.nd.ows you are having the trouble with?"
"Oh, hee hee, sorry, it's Wi.nd.ows version 6."

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