Friday, April 2, 2010

Its just rude!

I go into a slow burn every time I see someone in a store walking around talking on their cell phone.

If you find you are unsure of what you are picking up for someone and you huredly ring them to get clarification, that's one thing. But having a conversation about some daft thing your boyfriend did the night before while you browse the isles is just fucking rude!!!!

Carry on that conversation as you stand in front of me in line for the cashier, I can barely contain my contempt.

Then you give me the stink eye when you realize I can hear you, like I want to eavesdrop on your innane conversation with your friend.

The cashier is trying to ring through your purchases and you can't give her your attention for ten fucking seconds?

I just want to punch you in the throat!!!!

And I just might.

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