Monday, April 19, 2010

55 Days and not counting.

I have been vaping now for 55 days and I have to say I am loving it.

I have not picked up a cigarette since, nor do I want to. There is no withdrawal because I am still getting the one thing that was addicting me to tobacco in the first place and that is nicotine.

I am loving my 510 and have since bought more batteries so I have it in 4 colors now.

I have even gone off the tobacco flavors and now vape pretty much only coffee and Dr. Pepper. I loved that one so much that I squeezed the life out of the bottle to get the last drop. More is on the way thank god.

Now I am thinking ahead. With all the talk about e-juice having issues at customs, I figured I would stalk up. You just know the tobacco lobby is going to be all over this shit once it catches on. After all, this could potentially cripple the industry if everyone who currently smokes switches to e-cigs. And since the tobacco tax is justified by claims that the proceeds go to cover the costs of illnesses attributed to tobacco smoke use, well....the government will be hard pressed to get the same amount of tax applied to e-cigs if and when they start to regulate them.

So, I have begun my stockpile with some DIY stuff. High concentrate nicotine, glycerin and flavorings, so I can make my own. Right now....I would say I have enough supplies either in my possession or on order to last me a couple years.

It's a sickness. I have got to stop ordering.

I don't know why I am worrying. After all, if a 10 year old can get crack at school, I should be able to get a supply of nicotine juice just as easily.

Here's hoping.

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