Friday, May 26, 2006

Just bang your face on the phone keys, no worries, I'll pick up.

"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Customer Service Center™ my name is blah blah blah..."

She gives me her name and her number, then says, "Ya, I just need you to transfer me to E.machi.nes."

"Uh, this is the Undisclosed Computer Software Company™."

"Ya, I know. I have called before, let's just cut through the crap and transfer me."

Ok, it happens, she couldn't find the number; she remembers getting there from here before. "Did you want the number for E.machi.nes?"

"Look, I have had a long day, just transfer me."

Un-fucking-believable! She is speaking to me like this is my job. Like this is the Undisclosed Dumbass Fucking Crayon Idiot Backwater Hillbilly Switchboard Company™. 'Don't know the number for 411? Let us take over, so you can give your actual brain a rest.' (Hey, that is a catchy slogan.)

"I just thought that maybe you would like to save yourself some time. So next time you can call directly."

"I already have the number for E.machi.nes, just transfer me!"

Who the hell does this? What kind of a mindless fool calls one company to get transferred to another completely different company?

Maybe she is saving her brain for more important information like, I don’t know, breathe in, breathe out?

I decide to help the poor mindless creature out, with a little cultural enlightenment. I send her to Mean Machines, in Stockholm.

I am just doing my part to broaden her horizons and perhaps knock some sense into her. At the very least she perhaps will never try this shit again.


Anonymous said...

morons...she called us because its toll free and they

Unknown said...

Crayon ...