Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Ya gotta love instant messaging.

Usually I am invisible on those things...but every once in a while I get bored and turn it on.

Ding, Ding, Ding............three messages, from men....big surprise, telling me that if I like it long and hard to message them back. Cheese and Rice.

I am not kidding you ...this is a message I recieved.

"BigMak wrote:If you like sucking the rock hard dick of a well hung man......" well it went on from there and was pretty tasteless. First of all, you can tell by the way he words it that he is messaging multiple people with the same line. How rude....not only do I get an obsene message, but this guy doesn't even have the decency to write an original obsene message just for me!

I had to know....I just had to know, how that was working out for him. I messaged him back,

"Thats an interesting first comment, how's that working out for ya?"

"So you like what you read? You interested in a private session?" he says

"No, just wondering if that message is giving you any results?" "Does that work for you? I mean, do you get many responses?"

No response.

"I'm seriously interested. I find it facinating that "A" you composed THAT particular message and "B" you may actually get favorable responses from it. I can't imagine the type of women that would recieve that message and say "Oh wow...this guy is a prince....I MUST get to know him"

Still nothing.

"Its a serious question, purely research."

"If you don't want to chat with can just say so Bitch!"

" I do want to chat....I want to know if this really works, or if you took a shot to see what would happen."

"Fuck off"

Now I am getting pissed.....if a person is brave enough to compose a message like that and mass message it to a large number of females, then he shouldn't be frightened of a little unfavorable response. "Look Buddy, you messaged me."

I think he has put me on ignore I send his contact number to everyone on my list and get him flooded with messages............Good luck filtering all those messages to find your Cinda-skankin-rella. ;-)

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