Friday, December 28, 2007

Give me a freakin' break.

Not a direct quote, I was listening but not really listening to a newscast.

"Exposing a child to smoke in a car for one hour is like giving them a pack of cigarettes?"

What retard said this? Apparently someone from the Lung Association.

I don't' know about you, but I can only smoke 4 cigarettes in an hour, but that would be one right after another.

So, supporters of this little bylaw are not so much concerned with the science of this whole thing, they just want a nice 'retarded' sound bite to feed the media.


Anonymous said...

Second hand smoke causes cancer.

Evel said...

So does a million other things. They have yet to prove conclusively that second hand smoke is THE cause of any deaths.

And don't quote a study, unless you actually read the whole thing. The numbers they fire at you are retarded at best.

Meredith said...

So you need "conclusive" proof that second hand smoke is harmful? Why not just err on the side of caution and stop possibly harming our most vulnerable in society. Children don't read the studies either.

Evel said...

No, any crayon could conclude that second hand smoke is harmful. What I am saying is that they cannot prove that a person that was subjected to second hand smoke is any more likely to develop cancer than someone who was not.

These retarded bylaws are the governments way of appeasing the tree huggers. If you look at the numbers, nearly 60 percent of the deaths occur at age 70 or above. You think you are going to live to be 200 if someone doesn't smoke around you?

In ten years they will be on to something else. Like non-smoking, bike riders are dying of lung cancer from sucking up exhaust fumes.

Meredith said...

If you are going to debunk the science that supports this law you cannot turn around and use it to support your own position. If the science of the day is as unsound, as you say, how can you site it as support for your point of view?

You could find support for any radical position...and you wouldn't have to look very long or far.

I think the nicotine is controlling your thoughts.

Evel said...

I am not debunking the science I am saying there is no science. These laws are stupid and pointless and if the government was serious and truly believed their own funded research they would just simply ban tobacco.

They do not, they make too much money from it.