Saturday, December 2, 2006

I am in the wrong business.

Why do all 'patrons of the arts' speak the same way? Perhaps they think the mere overuse of multi syllable words will somehow make them sound more profound. If they give you time to think about the crap they just spewed you would realize that the sentence made no sense whatsoever.

Take this crayon, for instance. He's one of those 'new age' whack-jobs who puts a gum wrapper on the floor and calls it art.

And critics who don't want to seem like they don't 'get' it stand around sipping champagne and staring quizzically at a urinal stuck to the wall and say stuff like its
"a deliberately confrontational experiment with socio-political edge, a dramatic fusion of manifesto like poetical statements commenting on the divers aspects of discriminative tendencies in technological society"

What the hell does that mean? It means that your an idiot, its a fucking urinal. This moron couldn't come up with anything remotely artistic, so he stuck a urinal on the wall.

Actually, it appears that this 'artist' spends a lot of his time throwing his own blood on other peoples art. In protest. Of what? Who the hell knows, or cares.

This 'creation', by Thom Flanders, is described as graphite and gesso on paper. Hello? It pencil scribble. Now, while some of this guys stuff is decent (and I use the term loosely), you get the feeling that he just phoned this one in. This one is actually taking up space at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I kid you not.

Um, Jo? Not to be a smart ass or anything, but did you forget something? Like, I don't know, paint?

Judging from this article, even the museums aren't sure anymore.

If your going to say your an artist, you better show me some skill. I was once presented with a picture from a famous art gallery. It was a picture of a huge pile of, what appeared to be, sweet-n-low packets. I wish I had a picture to show you, it is not to be believed.

Oh, but you mustn't stick your nose up. For what you cannot see is the one lonely cube of sugar buried deep within it. Profound!

Holy Crap! Who raised these retards?

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mist1 said...

I will never date another artist. Time and punctuality mean nothing to them. Also, I can only pose nude so many times before I have to wonder if it's for "art."

Sure, I paint. Sure, I show my work. But I still have a human vocabulary.