Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I suck!

As a housekeeper, I essentially suck. I only have a small apartment and even with the boy and his ways I still should be able to get through the entire thing in a couple hours. But I just can't. I know exactly what goes wrong, but identifying your problem does not always lead to correcting it.

Here is how it goes:

I start in the kitchen, stack the dishes, fill the sink. The water is too hot, I move on since there is a jacket on the back of one of the kitchen chairs.

As I take that jacket to the entry to hang it up, I notice the cat's dish is messy and there is dirt and dry cat food on the floor. I dig out the vacuum.

As I vacuum, I realize there are footwear there that are seasonally inappropriate and should be in storage.

Moving on to the storage I notice that that is a bit disorganized and start to straighten up. Look at that! Something that belongs in the bathroom.

I move it to the bathroom and notice that the sink is a bit grungy, I add comet to the sink and move on to the tub, there is a book lying next to it, I pick up the book intending to return it to the bedroom bookshelf.

Passing the vacuum cleaner and the storage closet, past the kitchen through the living room where I pick up something else destined for the bedroom. While I am in the living room I figure I should pick up the rest of the stuff littering it, my hands are full now, on to the bedroom.

After placing the book on the shelf I see another on the floor, I pick it up and start picking up everything else on the floor. I pick up the blanket and since I have it in my hand I might as well make the bed. During the making of the bed I notice a nasty glass of old pop on the nightstand, that must go in the sink immediately.

Back to the kitchen, place the glass in the water that is just the right temperature now. Start doing the dishes, one sinkload in the drainer and another bunch in the sink, add hot water. I notice a sock on the floor. That goes in the bathroom hamper.

I step into the entry on the way to the bathroom, I notice the half vacuumed floor. Pick up the vacuum and try and finish that, I see a screwdriver in the corner, proper location? Storage closet. I am still holding the sock.

Do you see where this is going? After 3 hours I am exhausted and there is not one thing that is completed.

Nothing ever gets completely clean. I have rarely placed the dish drainer in its home in the cupboard, since there is always either something in it draining or something in the sink destined for the drainer.

So, I guess what I do is tidy. Maybe I should invest in a cleaning lady. I miss the days when I could get my friend to do it for a couple bottles of wine.

Jeanette? Where are you?


Anonymous said...

OMG thats what i do if i do anything lmao

Radmila said...

What's wrong with how you do it?
That's how I do it...otherwise it wouldn't get done.
One thing that my mama told me was to never leave a room empty handed..she said there would always be something in the room you're in that needs to go to the room you're going to.
She was right.

Evel said...

What's wrong? It absolutely never gets done. My house is always messy.

*Tanyetta* said...
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*Tanyetta* said...


if you really want some INSANE ADVICE. LOL

Anonymous said...

With our children, we tell them to find something to do to occupy them while we tidy, only to find that they have created the mother of all messes...
Hey! I work for wine! Tell me when to report for duty :-)