Friday, June 24, 2005

Hit me baby!

In keeping with the 'old chick' theme of late. I was watching Hit Me Baby, One More Time.

No, not the Brittany Spears song, the TV show. One hit wonders singing their one hits as well as a recent hit from a recent artist. They compete for online votes. Not exactly sure yet what they win, besides the obvious exposure. Caught it in the middle, so I missed a few of the performances. That may have been a blessing.

You should check it out. You will say, at least once... "Hey, I thought he/she was dead. Cool."

-Glass tiger - Don't Forget Me. Sadly, I knew all the words. Recent song -(Everything you want - Vertical Horizons) It's always hard to hear someone else sing a song you know. But they did well with it.

-Billy Vera - At This Moment. The man still has it. Smooth. Recent song - (True - didn't catch the artist and didn't recognize the song.) He crashed and burned, especially in Spanish. I thought Vera was a Spanish name but I guess not.

-Club Nouveau - Lean On Me.. Remember the song, not the artists. Missed the cover song, but caught the recent hit. Not sure what it was, sounded like a car commercial jingle done badly.

-Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way. Have to say this woman has aged gracefully, as most African American women do. She was great. The recent hit she did (Falling -Alicia Keys) sounded like it was written for her.

-Greg Kihn - The breakup song.Sorry I missed that one, but caught the recent hit they sang (Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day). It was kind of sad.

And the winner is.....? Thelma Houston!

And I guess she wins a $20,000 donation to her favorite charity.

Overall a pretty good show for those of us from the 'vintage' era.

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