Saturday, October 30, 2004

The cat came back the very next day!

When I moved at the first of the month I found places for most of my cats, except for one. The crazy cat my mother saddled me with. I figured I could leave it behind for a bit since it wasn't an inside cat. The neigbor was feeding it and last week I finally found a barn for it. This is the cat that shits in the food dish if he can't manager to finish the food in one sitting. He is only fit for a barn.

Anyway, I get this stupid thing in a carrier and off we go to the barn. That was a week ago, last night, the old next door neighbor calls me. The cat came back she says, "I don't know how far he traveled but he is back."

Fuck me! This cat is going to be the death of me. Now I am having nothing but cat problems. The white cat, Luci, who is staying with my cousin refuses to go into the house. She will sit at the door and meow to get in, yet once the door is opened she refuses to cross the threshold. Oscar, the boy who had babies is MIA. My brother called and said he/she has been gone for 2 days. I guess I am just not meant to have cats, well, not cats I want at any rate.

Well it is super slow at work, but I can't afford to go home early. I have to find an apartment soon.

Country living bites!

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