Thursday, November 29, 2007

And so it begins.

The Nova Scotian Christmas season officially begins with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Boston.

Sound like an odd statement?

Well, for over 30 years, each year, Nova Scotia donates a huge Christmas tree to the people of Boston as a thank you for their assistance following the 1917 Halifax Explosion. This year it was a a 45-foot white spruce, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hamilton of Granville Center, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

I was happy to hear Mayor Menino say 'Christmas' tree, instead of that 'Holiday' bullshit of 2005. Tree-huggin', politically correct, assholes decided that the tree should be called a 'Holiday' tree. The logger that cut it down said he wouldn't have cut it down had he known and if they didn't want it they could bring it back. People were pissed.

If someone sends you a gift, you don't PC the fucking thing, either accept it or decline it. It's just rude.

I blame Oprah.

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