Wednesday, April 13, 2005


"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� my name is blah blah blah..."

It was a technician in Operating system support. He tells me that he has just formatted this ladies computer and she wants to install her office program.

Ok, simple, she just needs to be redirected to office techs.

"Ya, here's the thing. The office disk is 5 hours away from her current location."

WTF? "And you of course told her that that was impossible, right?"

He starts to laugh. "She says there has to be a way."

"Sure there is, it's called MAGIC!"
We chuckle some more, I have to talk to this crayon. "Put her on, I will take care of it, she might be installing off a company server."

Right off the bat we establish it will not be installed off the server. "Do you have the disk, Kathy?"

"No it is at the office, but there must be a way. It says on the website that you can restore."

"Well, unless you are magic, there simply is just no way."
She didn't appreciate that comment.

Now she is snotty, "It says on the website that you can restore it, if it says you can on the website then you can."

"Yes you can, but you have cleaned the hard drive so there is nothing to restore. You have taken that computer back to the beginning of time. A time when the office did not exist on that computer, so without the disk there is no way you can install the office. You have to have the actual disk to install software."

In her most sarcastic, snotty voice, "Is there some reason I am NOT talking to an office tech right now?"

Bitch! "None whatsoever. I will transfer you over to an office tech." Who will explain to you why you are NOT MAGIC you f'ing crayon!

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