Monday, February 7, 2005

What to do?

Not sure when the boy turned into this huge asshole, but he has. It wasn't gradual really, it was more the second he turned 13 it was over for us. Not sure what that is about.

He tells me NOTHING! He wants EVERYTHING! I'm not sure who he thinks he is but he is not growing up Gotti! He seems to think that miraculously I am making 100 grand a year, just because he wants.

His father is not making it any better. He didn't even bother getting the boy anything for his birthday this year. (the boy just turned 14 on Feb 3) Even though the boy was staying with him at the time. He says he didn't have time to pick anything up. Funny thing is, he had time to 'pick up' a big screen TV two days earlier, no problem. Unfortunately this is a problem because the boy is not a Moron. His father used to be able to pull this shit when he was 5, now he sees the big screen TV, he knows how much it cost, he knows that means his father has both money and time, just not the desire to shop for his birthday gift.

Sad really. Not sure what I am going to have to do. He keeps getting worse, he might need a slight attitude adjustment.

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