Saturday, March 31, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 03-31-07
How people found this site. On a Saturday this week, to make room for
'So, where are ya from?' a new feature for the first of every month.

sisterinlaw (UK)
freelance cynic puppies (London)
help me pay for treatment for my cat (Gloucester, England)
bank's reply (Amsterdam)
brotherinlaw and sisterinlaw porn (India)
marisa tomai (New Jersey)
double knot spy (Boston)
little milhouse (Alberta)
the keiths creepy thing from india (New Jersey)
nova scotia film tv (Virginia)
ted reinstein (New Mexico) Love him or hate him, you still search for him.

Aren't you supposed to be working/studying?

University Of Mississippi (From? Well, duh)
National Australia Bank Limited (Melbourne)
National City Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio) A lot of bored bankers out there.
State Of Montana Department Of Administration (Billings)
Publicis & Hal Riney (Escondido, California)
Red Hat Inc (North Carolina)
Board Of Pensions (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Salomon Inc (Brooklyn)
Delta Air Lines (Atlanta)
University Of Virginia (Bridgeport, Connecticut) Swear to God, that's what it says.

Can You See Your House From Here?
New twist and a game for the You Are Here post.

HINT: Wonder if you pick up your coffee at the Morning Dew? Or hang out at the Burke Street Pub or Gatsby's?

Click on the picture to get a closer look. And remember, if you think this is you, give us a shout.


Eric Brooks said...

I came here looking for nude pics of Evel Knievel.

Where are they, btw?

Evel said...

LOL That is part of my evil plan to lure you in so I can hit you with the 'Jesus Saves' message.

Evel said...

Oh, and uh....eeeww....he's like 70 years old.