Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometimes my boundless talent scares me.


When I first started in tech support I had a tech buddy. Someone to sit with who would tell me when I was fucking up. We will call him Origami Guy. Mainly because he is constantly doing origami, carries around a ton of paper and instruction books. (For the longest time I actually referred to him as Origami Guy because I could never remember his name.) He makes some crazy shit, and they are getting smaller and more intricate as time goes on.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I developed a nervous habit of ripping paper into tiny pieces while I work through tech support with callers. On a good night it is a small pile, when things get really hairy, I can have a pile a couple of inches high.

This would make me Origami Guy's arch nemesis. Like Superman's Lex Luther. He has even started to hand me paper from his satchel so I don't absent mindedly grab a critter that he has spent the last hour on and rip it to shreds.

Tonight he decided to teach me how to make a critter of my own. When he showed me one he made, small enough to sit on a dime, I just looked at him and raised my hands, "Dude, you expect me to make that, with these man-hands?" I have my father's hands. Very large for a girl. My ring finger is size 11. "I don't have delicate fingers like you, Princess."

This is what I ended up making. Although mine is much better than this one and it hops way farther. I was hoping to bring him over to the dark side, but this is good too.

I spent the rest of the night showing it to everyone and making sure they acted impressed. I am a bully after all.


Anonymous said...

ooooh he makes some cool shit! he could be like your origami sensei! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL. And I'm sure they were suitably impressed! Especially after you gave them 'that look'! haha