Sunday, March 25, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 03-25-07
How people found this site.

sister-in-law fucking (Naperville, Illinois and Belgium) Seriously, Dudes, if you met my brother-in-law you would realize that you are absolutely not going to find that shit here.
herndon verginia(Texas)
and another thing (U.s. Patent And Trademark Office, Brooklyn)
shadow pupets (Istanbul, Turkey)
kill drive (Littleton, CO) That's just a little disturbing.
oldsmobile (Washington) Jesus! Someone from the Home Planet found me this way. God hates me. Although I think this might be some sort of bot disguising itself. If I click on the link reference, I get an error. I did a search for oldsmobile on my site and got no hits. There are no posts that contain that text.
american idol update (Mustang, Oklahoma)
bank's reply(Netherlands)
make money (Quebec) Guess the anchor text thing works both ways.
origami (New Jersey)
afghan victim (California)
attitude adjustment (Japan)


U.s. Patent And Trademark Office (Brooklyn) Hope I am not being investigated.
University Of San Francisco (ya, you guessed it)
The Washington Post (Fairfax, Virginia?) I think statcounter has lost its mind.
Amherst College (Shrewsbury, New Jersey)

And another thing...

New twist and a game for the You Are Here post.

I just discovered the visitor map in StatCounter. I am assuming this pinpoints the ISP server that routed you here and not your actual house. (at least I hope it isn't your actual house, if it is let me know and I will take it down.)

Click on the picture for a closer look.

Anyway, the game is...Can You See Your House From Here? If this is your ISP location, Email me.

Even if it is not you, but you know where it is? Give us a shout. No prizes right now, only because it is almost 5am and I am running out of coffee and brain cells.

But if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


part-time thinker said...

Nope, not here, it's a city with a sizable stadium though.
I would attribute all the hits to your new tags, but you can always follow every one of them and check them out.
Btw, did you know that Mike Brown is blogging again? (Mike's a.k.a. cooties is where I first linked here all those years ago. Eva and Stefispice are the only ones left still blogging and/or still interesting to me that I picked up there.)

Evel said...

I did notice a.k.a. cooties recently. I had missed him. Do you remember Eric Brooks from way back when? I recently joined Problem adults and ran smack dab into him. Well I guess the internet isn't as large as it seemed at first.

part-time thinker said...

No, I don't remember him. Where is he at?

Virginia Belle said...

WOW I am going to go look at my statcounter now....i want a MAP of people's houses!!!

(mostly because i wonder if an ex-boyf still reads my blog, where I bash him from time to time.)

Evel said...

No one has fessed up to recognizing the place yet.

I will give 'em til next Sunday, then out 'em.