Saturday, July 12, 2008

Water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

As part of the weight loss program, I am told I should be drinking lots of water.

I live in town, that means the tap water tastes of chlorine. So off to the drug store I go to pick up a bottle or two.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. There shouldn't be a decision process behind a simple water purchase. It should have been easier than, say, purchasing juice.

I am standing in the water isle with a bewildered look on my face. Rows and rows of possibilities.

Glacial water, spring water, well water, purified water, demineralized water or distilled water, sparkling water, artesian water, carbonated spring water and then of course an unending variety of flavored water.

Did you know that, in all likelihood, water labeled “purified water” and “drinking water” indicates the water came from a municipal water supply. That unless the water is labeled spring or mineral, you might as well drink the stuff you have at home? Municipal water supply equals tap water people, and we are paying for it, through the nose.

All I want is moisture. It shouldn't be so difficult.


Unknown said...

I use a Britta filter and pitcher. It makes the whole water choice thing a moo point (moo ... like a cow's opinion ... the point is moo).

But, Fiji water is very nice.


Evel said...

I don't think we have fiji in Canada.

Anonymous said...

nestle is on sale @ crappy tire right now FYI lol