Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Word from RBC.

The last time I called the Royal Bank of Canada, I was assured that my confirmation mail for my EEE PC was sent on the 14th. So here it is the 29th and no letter.

Again I call them. And get a fellow named, Dean.

"So, when you say mailed, it doesn't mean it actually left the building, only that the letter was prepared? Right?. Otherwise I can't imagine why I have not gotten it, unless you are sending it through pony express on a horse with three legs."

At this, Dean puts me on hold to find out what is going on. He comes back to inform me that I am correct in assuming that it wasn't actually mailed on the 14th, but rather just processed. He also informs me that it typically takes 21 business days from the time of processing to actually deliver the letter. Once I have the letter in hand (around the 12th or 13) and verify my shipping information, he assures me that it will only take 8 business days to have the EEE PC in hand.

That means, I should be playing with this thing on the 26th at the latest.

This is hovering very closely to the 10 weeks (start to finish) that I was promised.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

they best get it here on time - they have no idea who they're dealing with LOL