Monday, July 7, 2008

Sometimes I am a danger to myself.

There is absolutely nothing creepier than having something crawl across your face.

I am laying in bed, the alarm goes off. I slowly regain conciousness. What is that? Something tickling my forehead. Stray hair? I start to sit up.


I freak out and instead of brushing it off, I am in a panic. All I want is for whatever it is to be dead. I can't imagine what it is, but I am sure it has more than two legs and am positive I wouldn't like it on me.

Without thinking I haul off and smack the thing. I didn't consider in doing so that I might hurt myself. I hit it with as much force as I would imagine it would take to fell a NFL linebacker.

I literally punched myself in the face. Knocking myself backwards on the bed and almost unconscious.

It was an ant, and it is most definitely dead. I believe I will have a shiner.

I am so fucking scarred for life. All day I kept imagining that I was seeing them crawling on me.

I gotta get back on my meds.

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That girl said...

Holy shit I peed my pants.