Saturday, July 26, 2008

You're probably getting sick of this.

I know I am, but I just couldn't live with so much white (only its not actually white). It's actually more of a champagne color.

I decided to take the one side of the room that was paneling with actual grooves (that I did not fill) and stripe it. I have mixed the dark color on one wall with the light on the others to make a mid-tone for the stripes.

The Boy has the car and I, of course, have run out of painters tape. I will have to wait for Sonny the Geek to come by later with replenishment. Hopefully I can get this done tonight.

And I swear to God....that is it!

Now all I need is window treatments....any suggestions?


Anna said...

Sure...... That's what you say, now!!

Bryna said...

Actually, I love it! It looks great!

Nadine said...

Looks much much better.. but I still like the wood.

Evel said...

Dude, it was not was fake wood paneling, like a mac-tac.

kelly said...

i told you stripes would look good! go martha go, i like it. you should add that shit to your resume haha