Sunday, July 6, 2008

I never seem to learn.

My living room is dark and depressing. It really shouldnt be, since the living room has three good sized windows. I believe it is mostly because of the dark wood paneling.

So, since the floor in the kitchen went so well, I will be directing my attention to the living room. I have decided to paint the paneling. From what I have gathered through research on the net, it shouldn't be that difficult.

This only looks bright because of the flash.

I decided that I should (of course) paint it a light color. It can't be white, since the wood furniture in there is all a sort of pecan color. So off I went to Walmart for some paint chips. You would not believe how many shades of beige there are. I came home with about 50 and there were still more to choose from.

I finally narrowed it down to a couple and have chosen it mostly because it will transition well from the bright yellow of the kitchen. The final color...Wedding Silk.

What I really am having an issue with is this...

Not really sure what they were thinking here. And no, you can't scrape it, it is not stucco. It is almost like a plastic. Hard as the hinges of hell.

I figure with the de-glosser and the primer and the paint and accessories, it will cost me in the neighborhood of $150. Deducted from the rent, of course

I will try and get some 'in progress' pictures as well as post the finished result.

Any suggestions on window treatments?

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