Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why does looking and feeling good have to cost so much?

I don't know how many of you eat right, or stay in shape but if you do, how do you afford it?

It is so much cheaper to be a lazy fat chick. Between eating 'right' and exercising I am going to go broke.

Prices on so-called 'healthy' foods are retarded. When I was living on coffee and cigarettes, believe it or not, I had money left over at the end of the month. Now it's the complete opposite.

Thank God I don't have to feed The Boy during all this, or I would have to take a third job.

They wonder why obesity is on the rise among lower income families?

Who can afford to be skinny and still send their kids to college?


ME! said...

I've been out of work for the past few days (read my last post as to why...) which means no work = no time to read blogs. Sad really... but I'm caught up now.
Totally understand what you mean.
Bad for you = $
Healthy = $$$!!!
Healthy + Organic = $$$$$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Well being a vegetarian is healthy and cuts out the cost of meat

Anonymous said...

i'm a carnivore, but fruits & veggies are sooo expensive, milk too

That girl said...

You know what? You're not the first person to say this...I never even thought about it before.

I guess they count on most of us being in a rush and don't have time to stop and spend time (and as you pointed out, money) on veggies, and protein and then go home and spend even more time putting it all together...

For 5 bucks, McDonalds would have fed us in that time, with a drink too!