Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The more things change...

I have been buying a few things on eBay lately. I am not addicted, but I will binge on eBay every so often. For a solid month I will buy a whole bunch of shit I don't need, then go 6 months without ever buying anything.

I use PayPal to purchase items, so the sellers get their money immediately from me. Which left me perplexed as to why it was taking so long to get feedback from them. I mean, as soon as I hit 'pay' my portion of the transaction is complete. What more can I do? I received an email from one of the sellers saying they shipped the item, "Don't forget to leave positive feedback." I just had to email back saying, "You first."

Even after the email, still nothing. Then the first item I purchased arrived. I do my duty and hit 'leave feedback'.

And all is revealed...

That is just fucking greasy. They can't leave negative or neutral feedback, so we should have no fear of reprisals? Ya right! Sellers are not leaving feedback until you do, so if you leave crappy feedback about the product? They can't leave negative feedback, they just won't leave any feedback.

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That girl said...

Oh Evel, that is frustrating.

I was thinking of you today after the day I've had.

You worked in a call centre talking to stupid people all day. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

Are there supervisors listening to any of these 'monitored' calls?

In case you want to see why I ask, you're welcome to come by and see. But I'm warning you it's quite long!