Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost there.

I decided to go ahead and paint that wall a darker color and even though these pictures don't really do it justice, it turned out nicely.

The color looks different at different times of day and from different angles, but if you are interested it is called Dapper Tan from CIL

Anyway, I still have to touch up the trim but it is mostly done. Since putting all this effort into the living room (at, I might add, the hottest time of the year) something had to suffer. And in my case it was the kitchen.

And The Boy's room.

Wondering where all that crap went from the shelves in the living room? Ya, and I have to clean all the dust off that shit before I put it back. Maybe when it isn't so fuckin' hot!

But Sammy doesn't seem to mind.

1 comment:

Radmila said...

all of it looks great.

Hard work though...I hate painting