Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Already looking brighter.





All this with just one eye.



Now I need some new furniture. Maybe its too bright. What do you think?


Bryna said...

It looks GREAT! I think that you can now accent the room with colors. Add some bright throw rugs or pillows.

On a side note... wood paneling should be outlawed. :)

Anna said...

I agree with Byrna. It looks great. So much brighter. Maybe some light colored window toppers and a few new throw pillows for the sofa would be enough to finish off the look. (Perhaps change the lampshades and get rid of the green throw?)

Evel said...

I was thinking maybe a darker color on that sloping wall, since I can't really put anything on it, the other walls have pictures and shelves.

It's just way too much white...even though it isn't actually white.

That girl said...

Holy shit it looks fantastic...

Is that wood paneling?! Holy shit again!!

I love love love the new look :-)

nadine said...

Sorry .. I like the wood being a wood color. but the new window dressing I like.

Evel said...

if it was actual wood, I might agree.

Ah...and there is nothing on the windows.

kelly said...

i like it!