Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Since I started keeping track I have received visitors from every province and territory in Canada and most of the states in the US. I am only missing Louisiana, Oklahoma and Vermont. Which I think is pretty cool. This month we give a shout out to Munster, Indiana and Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Any hoo... in this months installment of 'So, Where are you from?' we will be visiting ...

Reykjavík, Iceland

"Visitors to Reykjavik experience easily the pure energy at the heart of Iceland's capital city - whether from the boiling thermal energy underground, the natural green energy within the city and around it, or the lively culture and fun-filled nightlife.

Think of the qualities of a great city - fun, space, clean air, nature, culture - and Reykjavik has them in spades. It has the features of a modern, forward-looking society which are complemented by a close connection to beautiful nature.

The population of the Reykjavik Capital Area is about 200,000. Reykjavik is spread across a peninsula with a panoramic view of the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean on almost all sides. In the summer, you can sit by the harbour at midnight and watch the sun dip slightly below the horizon before it makes its way up again.

The world’s northernmost capital is framed by the majestic Mt. Esja, which keeps a watchful eye on the city, and the blue waters of Faxafloi Bay. On a sunny day, the mystical Snaefellsjokull glacier appears crystal-like on the western horizon, while mountainous moonscapes spread to the southeast.

Reykjavik is a great place to visit, whether for some cultural nourishment, a spot of unbridled fun or to recharge your batteries. Think of the ideal city break and you'll think of Reykjavik."
Quote from Reykjavik's official tourist website.

It looks absolutely beautiful, and surprisingly populated for such a small northern country. Well I suppose it looks small next to Greenland, that is actually pretty much all ice....weird. Iceland is green, and Greenland is white.

Looking over some of the pictures, it looks like a really nice place to visit. I might even consider getting on an airplane someday. Uh...I might wait for that tele-porting technology, me and airplanes, not happening. But you really should check it out on Google Earth. Pretty amazing views.

Also surprising was the climate average mid-winter temperatures are no lower than those in Toronto or New York City. However, it is pretty wet, having an average of 213 rainy days every year.

You will find some interesting picures of Reykjavic on BloggingReykjavik.net a photo blog.

Björk is from there and if you are still wondering where is Bobby Fisher? Guess what? Yup, he is in Reykjavik.

So, if you are sitting somewhere in Reykjavik, surfin' the net and you are reading this?

"Komið þið sæl". Welcome. Glad to have ya.


Nadine said...

Where/When do u find the time to do all this writing??? I am impressed!

Evel said...

Wonder myself sometimes, since no one (well, except you and a couple others) bothers to comment.

Anonymous said...

"First of all, I'll make a tour of the whole world, giving exhibitions. I'll charge unprecedented prices. I'll set new standards. I'll make them pay thousands. Then I'll come home on a luxury liner. First-class. I'll have a tuxedo made for me in England to wear to dinner. When I come home I'll write a couple chess books and start to reorganize the whole game. I'll have my own club. The Bobby Fischer ... uh, the Robert J. Fischer Chess Club. It'll be class. Tournaments in full dress. No bums in there. You're gonna have to be over eighteen to get in, unless like you have special permission because you have like special talent. It'll be in a part of the city that's still decent, like the Upper East Side. And I'll hold big international tournaments in my club with big cash prizes. And I'm going to kick all the millionaires out of chess unless they kick in more money. Then I'll buy a car so I don't have to take the subway any more. That subway makes me sick. It'll be a Mercedes-Benz. Better, a Rolls Royce, one of those fifty-thousand-dollar custom jobs, made to my own measure. Maybe I'll buy one of those jets they advertise for businessmen. And a yacht. Flynn had a yacht. Then I'll have some more suits made. I'd like to be one of the Ten Best-dressed Men. That would really be something. I read that Duke Snyder made the list. Then I'll build me a house. I don't know where but it won't be in Greenwich Village. They're all dirty, filthy animals down there - lower than cats and dogs. Maybe I'll build it in Hong Kong. Everybody who's been there says it's great. Art Linkletter said so on the radio. And they've got suits there, beauties, for only twenty dollars. Or maybe I'll build it in Beverly Hills. The people there are sort of square, but like the climate is nice and it's close to Vegas, Mexico, Hawaii, and those places. I got strong ideas about my house. I'm going to hire the best architect and have him build it in the shape of a rook. Yeah, that's for me. Class. Spiral staircases, parapets, everything. I want to live the rest of my life in a house built exactly like a rook"(Bobby Fischer)...read more