Friday, May 25, 2007

Longest night in history.

The day shift pooched our service level to the point where there was no getting out of it. This resulted in all of us sitting around all night twiddling our thumbs. There were no early releases. I did, however, talk them into giving me Friday off with pay so I get a long weekend before starting my 7am training.

In 8 hours I took 3 calls. Talk about boring.
CALL #1 - A tech from 'across the pond'. He was trying to transfer a customer to me with 8 year old software wondering why it wouldn't work on his just released this year, operating system. Dude, the software is 8 years old. You can't spin that vinyl on your MP3 player. Get real.

CALL #2 - Cox customer. Just spent 2 hours on the phone with Cox, they couldn't make his email work. Checked the settings, they were wrong. How does an ISP not know its own server name?

CALL #3 - Couple of nice guys, just had one question. New OS just released this year. Their email program keeps asking to enter the password. Yup, sorry. It is gonna do that every single time. Known issue, not fixing it. The software is 5 years old, we are done tinkering with it. Upgrade.

I milked the last call since they were pretty cool to talk to. "I was just talking to the OS guy for an hour. Why didn't he just tell me the software wasn't going to work with his OS?"

"Some people just can't bare to break bad news."

"You don't seem to have any problem with it."

"It's a gift."


Mother of Chaos said...

"It's a gift."


Oh man. I'm going to be chuckling for hours on that deal right there...

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

That is FUNNY!

Dropped by to say that I'll be changing my blog to private. If, by chance you still want access to it, i could add your email to the list of "approved readers". That way, if it strikes your fancy, you can still check up on me ;-)