Monday, May 28, 2007

Don't mind me.

We had a bit of a scare over the weekend. My mother, who is in a nursing home, had to be taken to the hospital. She has is was sepsis? I don't know how it is termed.

She was pretty out of it, didn't know the war was over. She also was experiencing apnea that pretty much freaked the hell out of everyone, especially my sister who, every time she stopped breathing would shake her. It was looking pretty grim. The troops had to be called in.

The priest was called in and gave her last rites. That was Saturday. I should have known she was getting better. At one point she was trying to get out of bed, babbling on about something incoherently, and I got annoyed and told her she wasn't going anywhere. She grabbed my hand and said, quite clearly, "Oh will you shut up!"

She has anger issues, I have no idea where she gets that.

By Sunday morning she was sitting up having a cup of tea checking the obituaries for her name. That priest has skills.

This little episode also granted me the privilege of yet another face-to-face with The Professor. He also has skills, he didn't make eye contact with me once. And apparently his children are trained well. I said hello to them and they looked right through me.

Whatever. They stayed their 20 minutes and then left. Big help to the rest of us who were trying to make sure Mom didn't spend too much time all alone. (And when I say 'the rest of us' I mean the females of our species.)

The Professor's Wife was actually pleasant. I guess she wasn't let in on the whole 'snub-the-sister' pact. I guess you have to be a blood relation.

Anyway, later that day, my cousin Diane showed up to visit.

SISTER: "The Professors Wife was here."
DIANE: "And?"
SISTER: "She was talking to the nurses, finding about Mom's condition."
ME: "Isn't that a 'conflict of interest'?"
My sister ignores me.
DIANE: "Is she a nurse?"
ME: "No she's an occupational therapist... but she did stay at a Holiday Inn Select last night."


Nadine said...

Good to hear your Mom is doing better. I don't know where the "travelers" are .. they should be on their way home from FL.

I was wondering how it went, when i heard "HE" was there. Did 'the wife' share any of her findings from the hospital staff?

Yvette said...

Hey Eva... Really glad to hear your Mom is doing better. Take care!