Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Boy has absolutely no vision.

The Boy thinks I have lost my mind. I saw these on sale at the local grocery store.

"Wow, look at the price of these sods!"

"What are sods?"

"Grass. 16 inches by 48 inches...for less than a buck fifty each! I'm getting some."

"We live on the second floor, what are you going to do with grass?"

"What do you mean? I'm gonna put it on the deck."
I start calculating how many I would need.

"Can't you just picture it? The whole deck covered in grass. So cool. Let's see, the deck is 14 by 8 with that L shape at the side..."

"You're insane."

Kill joy starts debating me:
You can't put grass over wood, it will die.
I will water it.
It drinks from the roots.
I will lay plastic down first.
You're insane.

"Ya, that last part does seem like a lot of work. And if I do get it to grow I would eventually need to mow it." Starting to sound less appealing. "I just remembered the cats, they will no doubt shit on it." May have to rethink this.

"And people will think you are nutts."

Suddenly, I have an epiphany. "Holy shit, I've got it! I will buy two sods, lay them in cookie sheets. That way I can water them and they won't die, and if I need to mow them I will just use scissors. Oh ya, this is gonna be great!"


I look at him like he has two heads. " for each foot."

He shakes his head, "Insane."

"You laugh now, but this time next week, I will be sitting on my deck with grass between my toes."

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day. What did I get? Well the boy geared up the BBQ for me. Filled the tank and bought dogs and buns.


Anonymous said...

you could get like window boxes only hang them over the deck rail and plant flowers and and... yeah screw it all, get astro turf or something lmao

Anonymous said...

too funny.. and the more insane the kid thinks you are, the more determined you are to do it!

Have fun!