Thursday, May 10, 2007

He knows I would die for him.

Oh, dear Lord!

These will be the death of me. Just when I think I can safely choke down the low fat ice cream bars, I am slapped in the face with these.

Oh, well I can't come home with ice cream for myself and none for The Boy, right?

They are too for The Boy!

Well, of course, being a good parent means tasting their food. You know, just to make sure it is safe.

Safe, ya, that's it I want to make sure it is safe. [chomp]

These things are addictive.[chomp] Little bite sized pieces of chocolate ice cream wrapped in a [chomp] crunchy chocolaty coating. ADDICTIVE I TELL YA![chomp chomp]

I cannot in good conscience subject The Boy to this addiction. He could turn into a couch potato, balloon to 400 pounds, sink into depression, write a manifesto and blow something up. I cannot and will not subject my child to that disastrous future. It just wouldn't be right, right?

[chomp] Don't give me that look. [chomp chomp] I am saving my son, God damn you!

Oh, bite me!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the diet?? and the weight in etc.. that we were suppose to help you with???

That bikini will never fit! :o)

Evel said...

Doctor says no diet. She prefers lifestyle change.

People rarely stick to diets.

Evel said...

oh and "that we were suppose to help you with???"

You will notice that no one bothered to comment.

Anonymous said...

You better finish it before the boy gets home... or he'll find out!

LOL. Anna

Carol said...

You are too funny!