Monday, May 21, 2007

I know you are there, I can hear you breathing.

I don't know, I guess it happens to me once a year. I start to get a little discouraged.

I post and post and post and except for Kelly or Nadine I figure no one is reading it, so why bother? The odd other person will pipe up once in a while but I get the feeling I am talking to myself.

That is not to say I would stop posting. It just gets a little maddening. I can see that there are people reading it, and going to the archives and sitting in front of the computer and reading for hours sometimes. I know people are reading it, that is not the issue. The issue is, that most of my readers are lurkers.

The problem with lurkers is that they breed more lurkers. If someone comes by and sees that no one comments, then they will not comment either. It doesn't matter that they have returned 15 times in the past 2 days, they continue to not comment.

I get anywhere from 800 to 1300 unique visitors per month but only a very few ever comment. If you are one of these lurkers, I encourage you to show yourself. Gather up some courage to say hello. I don't bite, I swear to God.

Tell me a bit about yourself - who you are, where you’re from, what you do, or just say hi it really doesn't matter what you say. Hopefully, this will let you get to know some of the other lurkers and maybe give you a couple hits for your own site.

Comments from all visitors are welcome. Seriously, every comment does not have to be profound...just say hi.


Anonymous said...

You do so bite !

And you've always talked to yourself, it's made me move away from you in public a few times, so don't stop now. But to stop you complaining about lurkers, here's a post from me.

Hi all, I'm Grog, "Ubergeek/Gaming Snob" in Evel's terms. I live in the same town as her, and have known her for about 10 years.

Mother of Chaos said...

Hi. :)

I have you on bloglines, so I rarely miss a post. I don't always (or even often) comment, usually because somebody starts screaming "MOMMY!" long before I can click on 'post a comment'...let alone put together my novel-length observations.

But I do read ya. And have you on my blogroll. And I crack up at the 'crayon' stories - they take me back, oh yes they do.

007 said...

My name is John, from Kernersville, NC. I am amazed at your hi-tech skills. My son is a computer science grad working in CA, but I know just enough to be dangerous. I suppose I was a bit concerned that you were able to find out that someone from my work visited your site, and I have NO IDEA how you did that. You talk about stupid people in your blog, and I just hope that I don't fit into that category. You have skills.

Evel said...

LOL Don't be too impressed 007, I use a standard stat counter for my site. It basically records the IP address of anyone who accesses the site. Pretty much every site uses one.

Welcome and thanks for saying 'hey', I appreciate it.

Mister Teacher said...

Hey there,
Since you commented on my blog (kind of), I figured I'd comment on yours!


Mister Teacher, from Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...


Sorry for lurking. I'm just not the commenting kind.

I've lived here in Iqaluit, Nunavut for about 19 months now, but I'm originally from a small town in Denmark. I read your blog when I lived back home too.

Not much to tell otherwise. I'm a "homemaker" (*gag*), unemployed since Oct, 2006 - not by choice but because CIC tells me I have to be for a while until they make up their minds about giving me permanent resident status.

Evel said...

Uh, you forgot..."Famous Author", Mister Teacher from Dallas Texas.

Love your blog, welcome.

And big wave to 'homemaker' in Nunavut our newest province. (Or do they call it a Territory?) Anyway, I would love to hear about how it is to live up there, you should have a blog.

Camille said...

*raises hand in air*

you know me - stumbled onto your blog a while a-back - being also in the tech field, i enjoy your blog too.

so as for intros: fyr; from kingston, jamaica; dba/sysadmin; geek; techie; wow-addict; blogger (; member of your fan club.

i don't know about you - but talking to myself, via my blog, is one of the few things in life that gives me no stress ... i can do what i want, say what i want, when i want, without caring about who thinks what - one either likes it or doesn't. :-)

don't give up now - you're one of my favourite stops in the blogosphere.

Tempest said...

*waves* Stumbled on your blog through another blog about the horrors of tech support. Having endured some real crayons before escaping to QA, I can relate. I tend to be the quiet type, which are the ones you really have to worry about. *evil grin* BTW, I also commented on the You Are Here that showed my office.

Evel said...

Hi Fyr, I enjoy your blog too.

Welcome Carla, your the 'musical' one, right?

Anonymous said...

so it is true you people that work at that place really can see inside my computer LMAO i heard it all before too. i used to work in the jail with ya, sold you the memory card thing, dont know if ya remember me, kelly kinda got me to your site and hooked ever since. check back almost daily...

Evel said...

I remember you Shirley, thanks for saying hi.

Unknown said...

Oh, you know I'm still here.

Anonymous said...


Another lurker here. I read your posts from your feed and even when I get to the website post, I'm very bad at leaving comments. Must try harder!
I enjoy reading your posts, especially the tech support ones.

I must be determined to leave a comment, Firefox just crashed and ate the first one I was just finishing.

Anonymous said...

and i only told her about this place after she quit LOL i was top secret

Evel said...

Hey Shelly and Ian. Wave to MOC....didn't see you back there.

And I know you know the code, Kelly, no one gets the blog address until they vacate the premisis.

However, I have relaxed the code a bit since I cleaned up the blog. (meaning I made sure there were no references to the actual name of the Undisclosed Customer Service Center.) I do still try and filter the people who get the blog address, some people I know don't have the sense God gave them and I don't want this shit to end up on facebook.

Anonymous said...

HI... wow.. you know how to MAKE people leave you a message! Good job!
Not sure is sister Adl reads this.. but if so TKS for going with EL and TC.

your cousin .. Nadine :o)

Tempest said...


Yep, I'm the "musical" one. Music software. So you'd get someone calling who was both computer illiterate AND music illiterate. I shouldn't have to explain to a percussion teacher the difference between a quarter note and an eighth note. Just shouldn't be happening.