Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gaming Snobs.

Ubergeek,(aka the Grog-meister) who incidentally does not comment, (too cool, I guess) messaged me today. Apparently he is reading the blog, not commenting as usual.

"Was "W.O.W. people" supposed to refer to World of Warcraft ? Listen to the lyrics of the song. it's about console gaming."

I suspect at this point he is trying to tell me there is a difference. Not being a gamer, I assume that gaming is gaming. My point being that a gamer would find this funny and totally be able to relate to it. "LOL so you get it?"

"I was wondering why you had it posted relating to wow"

"You're about to tell me there is a difference and it is making it soooo much funnier."

"Console gamers are the ones who are too lazy or stupid to work a computer game."

Holy Crap, can you just imagine him delivering that statement whilst glancing down the bridge of his nose? Fuck! Put a British accent to it, way funnier.

Anyway. That got me thinking, are all 'computer gamers' infected by this superiority complex? I mean. Hand eye coordination versus (I don't know) whatever puzzle solving skills are involved in computer games? And honestly, most video games can be played on the computer and vise versa. So why be offended if I don't make the distinction?

Who would actually win in a sword fight? Console or computer gamer?


Fyr said...

oh boy. that was really supercillious. sorry, not all gamers are like that. most of the ones i know are pretty easy going ... *points to self*

i will say this tho - MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) players are a distinct breed. if you're playing a MMORPG, you most likely aren't playing anything else at that point in time. and if you leave one, you're most likely moving on to another.

on top of that ... it's not about who wins in a MMORPG, it's how far you can get NOW, and how much "uber" gear you can get NOW, and how well you do what your character is supposed to do versus everyone else in the game.

o - i could go on and on ... it's a whole different world and i, for one, am completely caught up in it - like a mote of dust in a flood. /sigh

and btw: i got it... i had to stifle my giggles ... can't be giggling at work - doesn't quite fit the environment, dontchathink? *giggle*

Yvette said...

Too funny!! Can't wait to hear the comments tonight :o)