Monday, May 14, 2007

You know what's sad?

That my own brother thinks he is just too good to speak to me. You remember, the one who deleted me from Facebook because I didn't converse with him like he was some stranger. He actually told my sister that he could not 'subject' himself or his family to me. Out of all the siblings, it's me he is most offended by? If you knew our family history you might find that very difficult to believe. It's mind boggling.

Who exactly does he think he is? It is pretty sad when your own brother lives astride such a high horse that he can't haul his ass off it long enough to 'deal' with his own sister. I knew he had a superiority complex, but I just didn't think he would slap me in the face with it quite this hard.

It is just incomprehensible (Ya, that is a 6 syllable word...surprisingly, I am not a moron.)that he and I came from the same family. He would probably like to think that we do not, but we do. I am not a perfect person, but if you ask my friends, I am one of the best you could have. I would never pretend that I like you just to be polite, I am real and I am not afraid to call bullshit when someone tries to shovel it in my face. I have a long memory and a short fuse. Without that, I may have ended up at the bottom of a bottle like my father. I don't say anything about anyone that I wouldn't say to their faces. (Can you say the same, Dave?)

I am not a perfect mother, and I don't have a degree from some fancy college, but The Boy has never wanted for anything. He knows, not supposes, he knows how proud I am of him and every day he knows without a doubt that he is loved. And you know what? I wouldn't trade that for a degree in astrophysics and a fancy house on a cal-de-sac.

You can look down your nose at me, Dave, but I am happy. Can you say the same? I feel sorry for you that you can't have a real conversation with anyone. Maybe you watch too much Oprah, I don't know.

You go ahead with your 'polite' impersonal conversations with the rest of the family, send your form letters, exchange those air kisses over cocktails. I know where you grew up. I am your sister and I love you anyway. Even though you think I am too low brow for you, I was always proud to call you my brother. Sorry you can't say the same about me.

It's just sad.


Anonymous said...

sibling disagreements .. humm. I wonder what Dr Phil would say.

Evel said...

Dr. Phil would have a field day with my brother.

Anonymous said...

glad i'm an only child. mom's family is fucked, no one talks to anyone. i have no one to fight with so i'm good :D lol

Radmila said...