Monday, February 27, 2006

The morning after pill.

We have had it 'over the counter' here in Canada since April of last year. It's actually behind the counter and you have to ask the pharmacist for it.

People have a problem with consulting with a pharmacist and filling out the form. I don't see a problem. I had to consult with the pharmacist before she gave me my cholesterol medication, why not a pill to end a pregnancy? After all if you aren't wise enough to deal with your birth control before you have sex, maybe you need some advice from a heath care professional.

Women's advocates are jumping all over this, of course. But I doubt we are going to piss off many actual mature women. This is more for the teenager, who doesn't want to tell her parents that she is having sex. You have to take it within 24 hours, so it doesn't require you to consult a physician (good luck getting a doctors appointment that quick) all they ask is that you fill out the form (so your pharmacist can tell if you might be taking it too often and perhaps would benefit from a regular birth control method) and talk to the pharmacist.

No matter why you are taking it, it is medication, and you need to speak to someone who knows how it works and how it may effect you in the long term.

Suck it up, princess, and fill out the fuckin' form.


The Lady Muck said...

I have no problem with filling out a form but I think your views are slightly skewed. It isn't actually a pill to end pregnancy. It is a pill to prevent pregnancy in the first place and works only slightly differently to the daily contraceptive pill.
Secondly, Real, mature women do on occaision have to take it. In the cases of rape, or where a women has used a condom and it has come off, also it saves doctors time having it available over the counter.
However I agree the form is necessary, to see if you have a medical condition, etc. But some teenagers who are sexually active are responsible and mistakes happen and I think it is good that it is available, and yes, ok some people may use it as a regular form of contraception and that is bad, however they pay, and the effects on their body is entirely their responsibility...
Woah that was a long one. Sorry.

Evel said...

What I was trying to get accross is that this is not a gumball, but serious medication. And even though it is over the counter, there has to be some regulation.

For the same reason there is Lather, Rinse, Repeat on shampoo. The vast majority have enough sense but you have to market to the masses and that includes the idiots of this world.