Thursday, February 16, 2006

Just come home, Wayne.

We told you that bitch was just after your money. But you wouldn't listen. Now look what she has done. She took you from home and set you up in Hollywood. We didn't miss the fact that it was only days after marrying her that you left for tinsel town.

You were caught up on the hype. We understand, she was an yank actress, wholesome looking, cute as a button. Although no one had ever seen anything she had ever done.(except maybe Playboy) She said she was an actress and your a trusting sort, you believed her. We gave her the benefit of the doubt, we figured a nice boy like you wouldn't marry a conniving bitch. We were wrong, so were you. Just come home Wayne, before she takes you down.

No one here believes you had anything to do with this. Just come home, let that bitch twist in the wind.

Just yell 'Car!', and when she is dragging the net off the street, you could be half way to Brantford before the skank knows what hit her.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

DON'T yell car and he could make it ALL the way back before she got out of the hospital :D