Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Keep it coming.

We are in the middle of a blizzard. Suprisingly enough, this time they warned us and they were right. I was promised a blizzard last week and was lied to.

Most people are upset, but I love storms. It means not only that I can not get out, but that no one can get in either. I can sit around in my bunny slippers and sip hot chocolate and watch tv, or surf the net unbothered by the outside world.

I realize that this is not as bad as White Juan, but I will watch my car to see if it gets buried. That is always a fun activity.

These pictures are not very clear, I took them through the window, cuz I am not a sucka! I am going nowhere.

The neighbors are always entertaining. These two are apparently brain surgeons or rocket scientists who must get out of their homes no matter the cost to life and limb. I have no idea where they think they need to be so badly but it never fails, they start early and are usually mobile before noon.

Fuck that, I ain't moving. As long as the power does not go out I will be fine. If it does I will no doubt lose my mind.

Film at eleven.

Crazy neighbor UPDATE

I don't know where the fuck he thinks he is going, he's like 80 if he is a day.

He is late, its almost one in the afternoon. Slow going I guess. They will perhaps have to delay the shuttle launch.

Notice the 991 sign at the end of his driveway, its almost burried.


Adam said...

I hate snow. Good thing I live in South Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Eva, look at your poor, lonely table out there on the deck all snow-covered! You should shovel it off, fire up the grill, get a box Keith's and show those neighbours who's the crazy one.

Radmila said...

Me and the mister are this couple.
It doesn't matter if there is snow up the wazzooo, we go to work.
Six years ago, in January, we got at least 15cm a day EVERY DAY FOR THE WHOLE MONTH. By the end of January, I couldn't see my neighbours accross the street or next door and the driveway could barely fit our cars for all the piled snow...but every fuckin day, leaving time got earlier and earlier, and getting home got later and later.
I'll never forget that year where I for one entire month spent 5 hours a day commuting to a 7 hour a day job.
I fucking HATE snow.

Evel said...

Don't beat around the bush,Rad.

Tell us how you really feel.